Play Your Own Peace Pipe

Peace pipeIn researching some events of WWII, I have realized that a person could spend a lifetime of study on WWII and never get to everything that happened. The extent of Hitler’s plotting, planning and destruction is truly stunning. How is it possible that one man, one man!, could lead to the destruction of over 13,000,000 lives and countless homes, buildings—entire cities—around the world? I’ve concluded that just as Jesus Christ took on a human body to show us Love and Light, the anti-Christ took on a body as Adolf Hitler, for the opposite reasons. Study the sheer scope of Hitler’s relentless, marching, pounding, darkness-machine that destroyed everything in its path from 1939-1945, and you’ll agree with me.

Their power was spiritual power: Christ as God become man because He loves us; and the Anti-Christ using a human body to destroy what God loves: life, humankind, the Earth, beauty, family, sharing, joy, community, truth. Interestingly, Hitler’s Nazi party was born of the Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei, established by a German occultist group called The Thule Society. Their focus was on the origins of the Aryan race in Thule, the capital of ancient Hyperborea, a land mass lost to time in the extreme north, near Iceland. Some believe their occult (the realm of secret, supernatural phenomena) force was the power behind the Anti-Christ as Hitler. It is possible that Hitler might have taken all of the Earth for himself, turning the entire world into a place of darkness and fear, if Christ had not come before Him enabling humankind to stand in the face of this utter evil. So many sacrificed so much to stop Hitler.

Does God allow evil to spread? In the sense that we each choose what Force we will serve, yes, God does. But He (and/or She) did not leave us on our own. Our souls carry seeds of Light. We are here to learn how to become beings of Light. Perhaps these facts are what bother the dark force the most: Jesus Christ’s sacrifice of his own life for the Earth and for the success of all life upon her; and that God’s seed of Love lives within each of us as our souls.

Let us never forget that people allowed themselves to be manipulated by Hitler’s message of a war between races, in which the superior would exterminate the inferior. He spread anti-Semitism (anti-wealth), yet he established a totalitarian state in which no one but he and his cohorts stole/gained wealth and power. He spread anti-religion (God, Love, Peace) and was intolerant of anything different than his ‘perfect’ race of people. Perfection is achieved only in total Oneness with God, reflecting compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and healing. Wherever you are, whenever you are able, be a peacemaker. In so doing, we light one more candle from God’s world of Love.