10 Items That Bring Good Luck to Home, A Guest Post from Sarah Brooks

By Sarah Brooks
Email: brooks.sarah23@gmail.com

green frogDeep within each one of us is a seed and that seed has always, and will forever, exist in our lightest modes of being and bring us a wealth of all things that are good. This enigmatic seed grows in spurts throughout our lifetimes, sometimes making itself very obvious and at other times hiding secretly away in our inmost nooks and crannies. The seed goes by many names, some of them being: fortune, serendipity, goodness, karma, providence, kismet, or advantage, but today, we will call it luck. When we have it, we say that our cup runs over, our stars are aligned, our cards are being dealt the right way and our lives are in order.

We attract it to ourselves by radiating positive energy and therefore drawing in all of the prosperity and riches that the universe can afford us. And because we create the growth of this tiny seed within, we can change it from the inside out with our powers of attraction and repulsion. We can change our luck with something as tiny as a glance at a stranger or something as large as a relocation to a new place that stores the energy of the successful residents who were there before us.

With this power of luck, we determine the channeling courses of our lives. By surrounding ourselves with certain traditional and energetic totems or beacons of good fortune, we can magnetize luck towards us in a force-field of positive energy for ourselves, our families and homes. Consider filling your home with some or all of the following collection of treasures in order to embody the lucky lady or lucky man that you have always dreamed of being:

  1. Luck begins at the front door of the home, which serves as a gatekeeper between you and the world outside, protecting you from intruders and also welcoming in those who are dear to you. Traditional Chinese cultures make a habit of re-painting their front doors red every Chinese New Year in order to keep the energy-stronghold of their homes fresh.
  2. Regardless of whether or not you are a committed or practicing Buddhist, it is always a symbol of good luck to have a statue of Buddha in your home, perhaps under a tree in a pose of meditation.
  3. Dragonflies are known as a lucky animal. Because they are so rare to glimpse in many parts of the world, and so colorful, elegant and light on the wind, it is considered a lucky strike to encounter a dragonfly up close.
  4. Including four leaf clovers for ‘faith, hope, love and luck’ in the art and decoration of your home can add a beautiful element of green, Irish magic.
  5. Ladybugs, with their spots of plenty, are thought to bring great advantage to whomever they appear and in the home or garden are considered very lucky friends to have.
  6. Elephants are considered another animal with strong protective and lucky powers. A wise and ancient animal, elephant totems or statues that are placed near vulnerable parts of the home, such as doors and windows, are said to be a good measure of security for you and your family.
  7. Frogs are another magical creature which are considered lucky. Many people place a statue of a frog on a shrine or altar as a sacred object of joy and positivity.
  8. Lucky stars are not just a thing of nursery rhymes, but are a historical symbol of luck that represents the magnitude of the night universe and the beauty of things as fleeting as shooting stars. When we bring the stars into our homes, either by using a telescope to stargaze, placing star sculptures on our mantlepiece, or hanging a star on our Christmas tree, we embody that magical energy.
  9. In European lore, gnomes placed in the garden bring good luck to the home.
  10. Burning incense in your home not only makes the air smell divine, but the smoke clears any negativity from the air and fills it with light, love, blessings, and luck.

Author Bio:

This is a guest post by Sarah Brooks from Freepeoplesearch.org. She is a Houston based freelance writer and blogger. Questions and comments can be sent to brooks.sarah23 @ gmail.com.