There is Always a Way

PathwayWhen something is needed, or it is right, there is always a way.

One of the things I’ve learned over the years, apparently more slowly than most people, 🙂 , is that in living out our lives, there is always a way. After I contracted viral meningitis in 1997 and could no longer work, my mind shriveled. I could only see what I couldn’t do, or couldn’t have. What powerful instruments our minds are! Whatever we ‘order’ from the universe, the universe is happy to serve up.

So I can relate to parents who can’t buy Christmas gifts for their young children this year. I know how much this hurts. Yes, the ‘system’ is skewed and yes, Yes!, the minimum wage must be raised significantly, but we mustn’t forget that above and beyond this mundane world, there is a universal, amazing organization in place: Love—spilling over.

And Love knows all the hopes of our hearts and will provide them, will find a way, if we will only open our minds. I can’t fathom how this works but somehow, every single one of us is connected to the flow of Love and, whenever we make an opening, Love pours in, in whatever form we need. It could be in guiding us to an organization that provides gifts for kids at Christmas, or to a working car that we can afford—big things to us are such little things to the universe of Love—or in my case, teaching me how to stretch my dollars.

Cost of Groceries

I used to be mad a lot about ‘lack’ and when we’re mad, solutions can’t get in. Desperate about the cost of groceries, I was literally steered one day to the beans and rice aisle, two items which cost far less than many other foods. I have learned to make some pretty tasty meals and wrap them in corn tortillas. The combination is filling and healthier than a lot of other products available for higher prices, especially if you add fresh garlic and use brown rice.

More Tea from the Bags

I drink a lot of tea and used to make it with one tea bag per up. I saw a woman on TV who said she got five cups of tea from each tea bag. I snorted. The most I could get was two and the second was weak. Well, apparently Ms. Grouchy stepped aside for a few minutes one day and the idea popped into my head to boil water in a small pot with the tea bag in the water, not hanging in my cup. The result? Two cups of strong tea! Then I thought I’d try it with a bigger pot: five cups of strong tea. Eventually I tried boiling one tea bag in the pot I use for spaghetti and, sure enough, one tea bag made ten or more cups of strong tea. I had complained for years about how expensive tea is when you drink it like I do. My mind had only to open.

Garlic, Vinegar and Honey

garlicOne of the best Love-gifts I ever received was a booklet called Garlic, Vinegar and Honey, published by MicroMags.  It is filled with effective natural remedies and there it sat for years, squeezed between books on a shelf. Then, stressed about the cost of allergy medications, I was drawn to it. Inside was a recipe to use tea, vinegar and honey as an allergy remedy. Honey is not cheap, but this treatment is way less expensive than the medications at the store. The directions say to put two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and two teaspoons of honey in one cup of black tea. Are you wrinkling your nose? Don’t—it’s tasty. Almost addictive, even. I need three cups spread over the day on my bad allergy days, but it works. And it’s not a chemical whipped up in a lab.

The booklet also gives recipes for using garlic for healing. I had read about a First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt I think, who took a couple cloves of garlic every day with honey and never got sick. Whenever I felt a bug coming on, I chopped up several cloves (which releases the infection-fighting element), covered it in honey and swallowed it down. I repeated this several times for a couple of days and it killed the bugs, but it was hard every time for me to choke it down.

Then, I read the garlic tea recipe in the booklet. It says to put on one cup of water to boil, while mincing three cloves of garlic. Remove the water, add the garlic pieces, cover and steep for ten minutes. Strain out the garlic and drink the water. Surprisingly, it tastes kind of like potato water. If an infection comes on fast and hard, I use more garlic per cup and, wow, is it effective (and easy to take). I don’t know how well garlic tea would work if you’re already sick, but it is powerful as a preventative and when using it at the first sign of infection. With garlic tea, most of us can truly say, ‘No more colds and maybe even flus.’

My point is, my little problems that were big problems to me could’ve all been solved much earlier had I been willing to let go of being mad and simply opened my mind to solutions. It is a totally different way of experiencing life. With open minds and hearts, whatever we really need is provided to us, sometimes in unusual or unexpected ways, as the Universe answers our calls. It really is that simple. It’s called trust in God, trust in our Higher Power, trust in the Divine. Love truly is the almighty force.


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