Has the Destruction of Earth Been Planned?

black stalks ingold skyWhen I was falling back asleep this morning, these thoughts came: What if Mother Earth is not in turmoil only because of the way we have treated her? What if she is cleansing the filth of man’s inhumanity to man? Imagine what her destruction, the depravity and our fears feel like to her. What if she is taking Home some of those who truly have no hope for a future on this Earth?

Of course, floods cover entire plains and tornadoes demolish complete towns and tsunamis wash away whole communities. Are those victims all inhumane or all compassionate people? All human, with all our imperfections, yes, but most of them likely decent people. So what is going on?

Life is not only about living on Earth right now. It is about our evolvement as a species and Earth’s evolvement as a planet. Bloodshed has ruled us for the past ten thousand years, if not longer. It is time for us to live in peace. Our job is to learn how, now.

It is obvious, however, that some people have blocked the light from themselves and have sucked the essence of Love from everywhere and everyone they can. Bewildered, I have often asked myself, “But why destroy the source of their profits?” That’s when I was thinking accumulation was their ultimate goal. But what if amassing fortunes is not it? They know they “can’t take it with them,” just like we all do.

What if they can take life essence, energy, they have turned to dark power, to a place of their own creation? What if, like in a sci fi movie, their purpose is to destroy the Earth and to make certain we humans never live in peace? What if we are all living in a story of love vs. evil and of light vs. darkness? It sure seems like darkness–war, genocide, slavery, out-of-control greed, the destruction of Earth’s eco-systems, hunger, homelessness, abuse of every imaginable kind, wages-slavery, intolerance, dominance, etc.–is overtaking our planet, far beyond what our personal materialistic desires or our problems at home or at work could do. They are working in shadows, building darkness–and we either add our thoughts and actions to this darkness, or we add them to the light.

A wave of light is also moving across the planet. Perhaps our lives will be taken in a natural disaster, or perhaps we are being asked to give ourselves, maybe even our lives, to the cause of peace. If we drop our ideologies and stand united for peace and for all our brothers and sisters, for all life, the angels and our dear Earth Mother will rejoice and help us create a miracle. Can you hear their song?


4 thoughts on “Has the Destruction of Earth Been Planned?

  1. This really resonates with me this week. I see people who do not see themselves as evil at all, but rather as part of “the solution,” yet they operate by stoking fires of opposition, conflict and fear. Finally came to the conclusion this week that my job is to clear it all, to clear fear and to heal every moment of suffering that I witness. Not to join with those who are suffering, but to bring them into the light. What a relief. I don’t have to feel the pain of every abused animal and child on the planet, I just have to let light flow through me, be peace, create beauty.
    Thank you for sharing this post.

    • What a realization, Rachel! I, too, have felt a burden of pain everywhere and it’s very, very heavy. I know you and others like you are out there and I take great hope from your loving presence and willingness to ‘let light flow through you, be peace and create beauty.’ We are all a part of the love wave and regardless of what happens to our planet and the life on it, love and light can never be destroyed, only multiplied, and in our willingness to heal the suffering that we can by loving, we hold hope in this world. Thank you so much for sharing your realization here.

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