Can Love Overcome Greed?

My experiences this past week have made me think about karma and Love. Did I have to be ‘pressed down’ by darkness because of accumulated karmic debts that had to be paid? The ceremonial, cleansing smudge stick I used would not burn for me, even when I set it directly in the flames of a candle. A great gift was given and Raven carried my prayers in the smoke to Father Sun and we were blessed with Light. Why? Was my karmic period over? Are there forces that oppose people who love the world and humankind and I received a divine intervention because I do? Wearing writers down is a good way to affect the flow of loving communiqués.

Are some people immune to dark forces and if so, why? Like Mother Teresa, they remain steady in the face of man’s brutal inhumanity to man, knowing they can do only small things to help, but that they can do them with great love. My mom works for a man whose daughter has been living in Namibia for two years. In its Constitution is written, “The State shall actively promote and maintain the welfare of the people by adopting international policies aimed at the following: maintenance of ecosystems, essential ecological processes, and biological diversity of Namibia, and utilisation of living natural resources on a sustainable basis for the benefit of all Namibians, both present and future.” She’s coming home for the holidays but she’s going back because she loves the people and the country and wants to help.

The answer is Love, isn’t it? People in far away countries who are withheld shelter, food and water by soldiers of dictators or corporate marauders and their war machines cannot stand against them alone. I do understand that we are souls stationed in temporary bodies, that we are ‘playing roles’ on earth’s stage—but should you or I sit by in our comfortable homes while so many others hurt so much in so many places in the world?

And what about the people in America who struggle without hope? I joined them in these last years, unable to buy basic groceries and household goods that we need because the disability benefits I live on from 1997 are no match for today’s prices. I had always wondered what it felt like to go to bed hungry—now I know. But I’m an adult who has extra weight to burn (and I have). I’m not a young child, thin, with nothing extra to give to a body trying to grow. I’m not a parent working for $8.00 an hour ($16,640 per year, before taxes) trying to raise a family.

I keep hearing the debate that if businesses pay a ‘living wage,’ they would have to charge more for their goods and services, which would only cause the poor to suffer more. BULL SHIT. I don’t know anything about economic systems other than systems do exist where every person has access to education and gainful employment to have healthy shelter, food, water and other necessities. Where do those economic systems work? Everywhere greed is checked.

How can millions of dollars for a year of work not be enough? How high do stock dividends have to be, to be enough? Is not half a million dollars per year enough, or a million, or two or four or seven million? The top five percent of people in America have taken so much in profits, millions, billions of dollars, many average Americans are going hungry. And living in poorly built housing in dangerous neighborhoods, with no hopes and dreams for a future. They came to Earth with hopes and dreams via their souls; they just can’t do anything about them because they are ‘pressed down’ by dark circumstances.

When I saw the above picture on Facebook (courtesy of School of Thoughts), I thought, “This makes me think demons rule this world.” Maybe they do. I don’t think we can fight demons; they have accumulated lots of money and power using and hurting others. They are forces to be reckoned with. The only answer is peaceful uprising, holding hands by the millions, marching and singing, “The Grinch’s heart is two sizes too small, but when we love him, his heart will grow tall.” If we don’t stand together, I truly don’t know what is going to happen to Americans, and people all over the world, who are slaves to dark forces.

Do you know any of these slaves? If you’re out of your home, look around you. Research ‘poverty line,’ ‘the gap between the rich and middle america,’ or ‘the gap between the rich and the poor.’ Look up ‘the effects of a lack of education,’ or ‘the effects of having no hope for the future.’ You know this is going on. Will you tell the truth?


5 thoughts on “Can Love Overcome Greed?

  1. Dear Pam: This is a powerful piece. Over the last few years, I have been focused inward on my own life, but I have been aware of the darkness in the world. In Canada, the divide between rich and poor has been growing quickly since we signed the free trade agreement with the US 20 odd years ago. Our manufacturing sector has disappeared, good paying middle class jobs have disappeared, and the gulf between the rich and poor has been growing. This has been documented. And we know that those disparities are greater within the United States, and between western countries and “developing countries.” I feel like we lost the war when our countries signed on to free trade agreements; like we lost the ability to put policies in place that would protect local jobs and our communities. I feel like the corporations have won; they have control of our media; they can “buy” our politicians; they can shape public opinion. I feel it; I see it; but I don’t know what to do about it. I am sorry that you have know what is it like to go to bed hungry. I wish there were ways I could help you. And, I am sick when I think about all of the other “Pams” in the world who do not have enough. How can we feel good about our lives when we know others do not have enough?? Only with denial…..Thinking about you with love and light….Kim

    • Hi Kim,
      I was in quite the mood the other day and then I saw that picture and the words of this post poured out of me. Is it crazy to call the oppressors of others, evil or dark forces? Not in so many places in the world. Is it crazy to call the greedy who break the backs of their own people, evil? I’m thinking it’s not. Too many are struggling too much for so little and they are losing hope.
      You bring up a good point about the Free Trade Act and its effects. You ask, Is there anything we can do? It sure doesn’t seem like it. But I take hope from people like Martin Luther king, Jr. and the women who fought for a woman’s right to vote. The answer is within the collective, peaceful power of the people, but we may be too worn down to take a position and not move from the spot…
      And don’t worry. I don’t go to bed hungry on too many nights. But you are right–so many others do and their suffering in the face of all this wealth is truly tragic. My heart aches.
      Thanks, Kim.

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