Ah, Ha! Raven was at My Home Cleansing and Carried My Prayers in the Smoke to the Heavens

Courtesy of J. R. Compton

Courtesy of J. R. Compton

I posted earlier today (see below) about cleansing the energy of my apartment-home on Saturday, using a sage/cedar smudge stick to send, within the smoke, my hopes and prayers for light to ‘the heavens.’ I had some problems with carrying out the process, but because I had seriously prepared for what became ceremony to me, my home and other blocks, apparently, were cleared due to the compassion of the Divine. I learned a lot in a few days about sincerity, heart and grace.

I was out today when I saw a truly magnificent creature-being. It was a raven, large even by raven standards. It appeared completely smooth, like all the shining blue-black feathers had become one. It had a light beak and an amazing wing span.  I don’t think anyone could have seen it without being a bit awe-struck. It was almost like it was more than a bird; there was something about it, something magical. I have posted a picture of a raven here, but it does no justice to the creature-being I met today.

Sometimes I see critters but forget about them by the time I’m home. I probably, unless I suffer some form of dementia in my old age, will never forget the raven I saw today. I wish you could have seen it, too. I got home and reached for the books that would tell me what raven’s messages are and I’d like to share them with you. Messages from creatures who reach out to us humans are usually very interesting.

First, I read the pages on raven from Jamie Sams’ MEDICINE CARDS book. The following are her teachings, but I have summarized quite a bit.  “The Great Mystery existed before everything else. The Great Spirit emerged from the Great Mystery. Raven is their messenger, of energy that remains unformed in the dark void. Raven indicates a shift in consciousness, the right to experience a little more of life’s magic, the magic of changes that originate in the void. It is an awakening.

Raven is the guardian of in absentia healing. Raven guides us to wellness from the Great Mystery and the Field of Plenty. Raven is the patron and courier of energy flow, of messages sent with smoke. We can perform loving, healing ceremonies for others and ask Raven to carry the messages to the Great Mystery. Raven may also bring messages to us from the Great Mystery. Signs will be synchronistic. Will we accept this gift from the Great Spirit and create light from the void?”

If you read my post below, you will see the problems I had with smoking the smudge stick. I can’t help but think it was Raven who intervened and carried my request for cleansing to the Great Mystery, because I wasn’t getting the job done. What an awesome gift it is to know this.

Summarized from ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES by Steven D. Farmer:  “Raven signals magic is in the air. Something special is about to happen. Watch for powerful dreams or visions, which may be prophetic. Be very clear at this time about your intentions regarding undertakings and relationships, because that is what will manifest now.

Raven says we are shape-shifting into more confident, powerful, spiritually based people. Now is the time to let go and grow. Watch for synchronistic events and appreciate them. Don’t try to figure them out, though.”

Summarized from ANIMAL SPEAK by Ted Andrews: “Ravens are the messengers of the great spiritual realm. They can shape-shift and have an aura about them like the coyote—both the fool and the wise one. Raven can teach us the languages of other animals. They are playful, fast, smart and wary; thus they are not easy prey. Raven teaches how to stir the magic of life without fear. They have a strong creative life force, teaching how to work spiritual laws on the physical plane. Raven links our will and intentions with magic. Go into the dark and bring forth light.”

Another bit of understanding and grace added to a pretty powerful weekend. Thank you to Raven for your much-needed assistance and to all Divine Beings who watch over me, my family and friends, and our spiritual progress. And thank you, reader-writer person, for stopping by today.