Connecting with Off-Worlders, a Guest Post by Michael Brine

By Michael Brine

We are not alone.

In this article, I describe encounters with persons or beings not from Earth. I use the designation, “Off-Worlders” in preference to “Aliens,” as I do not consider beings from other planets or dimensions, alien. They are all part of this universe we live in.

1] The first memorable event happened when I was 14 in 1949 and chasing a stolen car – a story for another time. I had little driving experience and it was starting to rain when I hit a corner going 70 mph. I skidded across the road and hit a tree, driving the motor up into my front seat. At the moment of impact, I was held above the car in what I can only call a bubble. The car was a write-off. I was unhurt. To this day no one knows how I survived without a scratch.

2] In 1999, I was in Tasmania, Australia, taking a course in Reiki, which included reading about the history of Reiki. Some felt that there was evidence to suggest that Reiki had been given to humanity in ages past by Off-Worlders who had visited us centuries ago. This caught my attention as it rang true for me.

We are not alone.

We are not alone.

I concluded the course; my teacher, who had tested and passed me, was standing behind me giving me a kind of blessing. All of a sudden, a white light came through the ceiling and I heard a voice say, “You are not forgotten!” This was not a message just for me; I felt it was for all of humanity. This led me to believe that we may well have been seeded here from another part of this universe some tens of thousands of years back in time.

3] In 2003, I was visiting England seeing friends and was down in famous Glastonbury in Somerset. This was at the time when the US was sending troops into Iraq and we all felt that was a bad idea. A group of us agreed to meet in a small village square off the main square at noon the next day, to send out prayers for peace. There were about 15 of us and we had gathered in a circle holding hands when a young chap came running up. He looked at me and asked if he could join us. Of course, we said yes and he came in between myself and another. Then we did our thing. When it was over some of us spoke about going out to a pub for supper and to have an evening together. This young chap asked if he could join us. We agreed and arranged to meet again in the village square at 5:30. We took several cars, as the pub was about ten miles out of town. It was called “The Apple Tree.”

Fortunately, there was an empty room with a fire going when we got there. We sat and ordered some food and started sharing our thoughts. We were there for about two hours. The young chap sat on a shelf that extended beyond the fireplace. Throughout this time, I noticed that he listened intently to our sharings but said very little.

Finally, we left and drove back to Glastonbury to pick up our other cars. I had said my ‘Goodnights’ and was standing alone by my friend’s car when this young chap came silently over to me. As he approached, I saw a bolt of white light come from his heart centre straight into mine. I felt Love as I had never felt it before or since. As others completed their goodbyes, he quietly walked away. The next day I asked if anyone knew him but nobody did and, as far as I know, he was never seen again. From this experience alone, I know they are amongst us.

4] Back in 1961, while on six months leave from my banking employer, I had been up in London with a friend to see a play. We were driving back to Glastonbury and were crossing Salisbury Plane at about 1am – an area in which so many crop circles appear – when I saw what looked like a long train approaching from the right, crossing a bridge in front of us. Only I suddenly realised there was no bridge in front of us, nor any railway in the area! I stopped the car and both of us watched in amazement as this huge ‘plane’ passed slowly across the road in front of us in absolute silence. Let me add there was no landing site anywhere near this location, nor any military bases. Hhmmm . . . we are definitely not alone!

P.S. Let me be clear. Over the years I have met other ‘fellow travelers’ who have experienced connecting with these beautiful beings from other parts of our universe who live amongst us – learning about us – and showing themselves as and when they feel it is appropriate. So, I have decided to take a bit of a risk and go public with my experiences in the hope it will have some influence in opening minds to the fact that we are not alone!

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    • Thank you for your trust, Madison. Your trust means a great deal to me. These are beautiful and compassionate beings who are concerned for the state our sad world is in. Michael.

  1. I’ve never had anything as apparent or direct. But I do like the way you think about them as “Off-Worlders” rather than alien. I’ve never really thought about it like that; that everything in the universe is actually a part of us and we a part of it.

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