“In-Joying the Journey”

Thanks to Kim P of http://afternoonstorm.wordpress.com/ for sending me to this short and powerful post about accepting responsibility for our lives from: http://enlighteninglife.com.

Confessions of a Clairsentient

The judgments you make about your path and the results you see are emotional judgments of what you created in the past. Through your judgments you ask whether something makes you happy, which is an emotion. But what you are seeking is joy, which is an energy. Do you create from the point of wanting to be happy with your results, or are you imprinting your creations with joy at the moment of manifestation? As you create a desire for change, are you unhappy and sad? What you create cannot be at an energy that is different from or higher than yours. Are you ready to be ‘in- joying’ your path?

Although being grateful creates more of what you can be grateful for, that can be hard to do with situations that make you sad, are in conflict with your desires for a more fulfilling life, and do not bring…

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