I’d Rather Rule in Hell than Serve in Heaven

I was thinking this morning about the most important things in life. What are they? We have so little time to become wise, to know by the end, what is valuable and what is not. Being financially successful is of great importance on our world, but if we’ve taken something that isn’t ours, or hurt or used other people along the way, our success will be seen differently on the other side.

In a contemplative mood, we may be shown a parade of the people we have hurt, but if this doesn’t happen while we are still active, we see them before we draw our last breath. Is seeing what we’ve done important? Yes; the turning points of our lives, whether “good” or “bad,” are seared into our souls. We don’t forget then, and when we are born the next time, we do better. The purpose of our lives is to connect with each other and beyond, to help each other from our shining souls, which are seeds of Love given us from the Great Loving Being at the center of the universe.

Love is important: love of life, love of family and friends—but what is love? Does love transcend our personal lives? Love made the universe and Love made us. Why? And if Love made everything, why is there so much darkness in our world? I think of us Earthlings as those who rejected Love in some way, the souls who chose, “My Way,” over the “Way of Love.” We are strong in our nature of wanting to be the boss: “I’d rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven,” or “I’d rather be a hammer than a nail.” Is being the boss why we’re here, though? Being responsible for ourselves is half the reason. The other half is to un-reject Love, to choose the way Home, the place of joy, of being Light, and of oneness with All That Is.



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