What Happens to Us When Our Bodies Go to Sleep for the Last Time?

Soul studyWhat is one obvious thing we humans have in common? We come in many colors and all shapes and sizes, but we arrive on Earth in bodies, many of us ready to tackle life, hoping we will wake up and remember who we are and why we came here. Our sparks of life are given us by the Force that created the universe and, at some point, our sparks will be called home. Our loved ones will be left to deal with our passing and, most likely, questions about their own mortality; and whether or not we who’ve crossed over really will be waiting for them when they make the transition.

What is it like, nearing the end of this physical life? My mom will be 83 this year and she recently told me she won’t be here next year at this time. She was one of seven children and five are gone—just her and her younger sister now. I don’t think she is afraid to die at this point. In fact, having to work yet to survive is wearing her down. Maybe her situation is what had to happen for her to accept that we have no choice in the matter: We come and we go and some of us suffer the tearing pain of leaving life, our children and other loved ones. Life marches on (frustratingly!) without us. I hope I get to peek in on my children once in a while and I wonder if any of our ancestors check on us. Can they see everything? And, are we all wise on the other side? Or, can we still hold onto our grudges? Do we bless or curse our relations from the other side?

I suppose the biggest question is, ‘What happens to us when our bodies go to sleep for the last time?’ Should we fear that we simply end then? Or do our sparks, our souls, carry on in the invisible world? Are we beings of translucent light, appearing as we did when at the end of life–or when we were, say, thirty? (If I have a say in the matter, I’m voting for thirty. “Tsk, tsk. Vanity, thy name is woman!”)

What does happen to us when we die? There is enough in life and literature that I believe we carry on, perhaps experiencing a life review, with some quiet time for reflection on how we did this time around. I recently read somewhere that we must face everything we did, both the joy and the pain we caused, and if we lived darkly, we grow from feeling the effects of the darkness we created. That makes sense to me and I hope it’s true, even though we must then, in the next life, become the victims instead of the perpetrators. It makes sense that we reap what we have sown, but will running on the great (hamster-like) wheel of time ever end? I believe it will—when we become aware of our oneness with All That Is. No need to be hamsters then!


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  1. great questions, Pam. I think it’s part of our humanity to seek for a greater meaning beyond our physical life span, and if done with love and open-mindedness, just asking those questions gives our existence in the here and now more purpose and direction, and hopefully more kindness and compassion towards ourselves and each other. But interestingly to me, the more people come up with answers the further they seem to get from the truth which doesn’t seem to correlate with our mental interpretations. Since it’s our egos that cling very heavily to the notion that there is no end to our existence I like to at least make room in my brain for the possibility that the only thing about us that will live on is our bodies turning into nutrients for the earth. If nothing else, it’s a good practice in humility and expectation management. 🙂

    • Hi Sven, good point and reminder to be open to all possibilities. Thanks for spending your time here, too. I almost died the day I got sick and left my body. I know, because of this experience, that there is more to us than our bodies and egos. Egos are never at peace. And I’m not so sure it’s our egos that believe there is more to our existence than this; egos only care about themselves. It has only been through my higher self that I’ve grown at all toward the light and the love that emanates from it. It is the best in us, our higher selves, who care about our planet and all living beings. Our egos would just as soon everyone else got off. It’s good to talk about these things, I think. 🙂

      • sorry, I see now how my comment may have come across as offensive, Pam. My intention was not to deny the existence or importance of a higher self, but perhaps more the difficulty in describing it in words. I very much love, honor and respect your personal journey towards the light.

        • Sven, I wasn’t offended by what you wrote. I’m always grateful for your perspective and insights. I think I misunderstood what you wrote and I’m sorry about that. And you make a good point; I find it way too easy to write about spiritual matters–as if any of it can ever really be known! It’s just these conversations in my head and my need to get them out. I guess if I was a dangerous human being, I’d be locked up by now. 🙂

          • haha, you’re definitely not dangerous, Pam. Or perhaps dangerous only to those who want to stay asleep. 😉 And as far as words and spiritual matters, I realize that I’m probably not the right person to insist on separating the two. I do like silence though, I swear.

  2. Hi Pam…I love how you dive right into these big questions….And I am with you, if you and I are going to be sitting on a cloud for sometime between lives, I would like to do so in my 30 year old body!!! LOL

    I don’t fear what is on the other side but I am still afraid of leaving this side before I am ready. I had two grandmothers who lived to 93 and neither of them seemed to feel ready to die. That surprised me at the time but as I get older, I get it; time goes fast and our psyches don’t necessarily keep up with our bodies.

    I think that we will let go of all the fears and hurts and anger when we “pass over”; that our spirits will feel peace when we die. I also think that our ancestors do check in on us and that they do so with unconditional love. I have not had the near-death experience that you have, but I have seen psychics who passed on messages from relatives that could only come from those relatives!! One psychic started and ended a session saying “The world is not flat”. We both laughed but I knew the message was from my grand-father, who believed in his life that the world was flat!!

    Take care you wise and wonderful woman!!


    • Hi Kim,
      Yes, the 30-year old bodies would be pretty great! Maybe we can hold a positive thought? 🙂
      Thank you for sharing about unconditional love (I so hope you are right) and your grandmothers. I’ve only heard one person say, “I want to go now.” Nobody else seems ready. I suppose very sick people don’t want to hang around too long, though. Sometimes my body hurts so much and my mind is so fogged that I think I want to go early–but I don’t really mean it. It’s hard to let go of love and life here, but this world very well might be a hologram and we should probably find out if that’s true. Love is real, though, no matter the dimension or world. At least we can count on that much. 🙂
      Take care, you wise and wonderful woman!

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