Angel Notes on Easter Weekend

Angel says NoI’m slowly reading Edgar Cayce on Angels, Archangels and the Unseen Forces by Robert J. Grant. I had a long wait the other day, though, and got to read for a couple hours. One interesting idea from the Cayce readings is that God created all souls to have free will; we all knew then that we were of God and we created in relationship with God.

God’s Number One, Lucifer, began to envy God and started playing around with creation. I guess it was pretty thrilling and he began to move away from God, taking with him souls who wanted the same independence. Some souls didn’t go—they are who we call angels. Some moved away a little but still could feel God. The ones who fell farthest are us, the people of Earth. We are aware of our ‘deal with the devil’ now, aren’t we?

Grant says there is a great debate about whether or not the ‘falling away’ was part of God’s plan. Cayce said it was an unintended error and God wants us all to come home. Apparently, the creatures of mythology (giants, centaurs, etc) were real. They were the bodies created by the first souls who followed Lucifer into darkness. There was no way for them/us to sense God’s light in those bodies, so our human bodies were designed with seven spiritual centers. These can be activated safely through spiritual practices such as meditation, so that we may find our way home. After a while, Jesus Christ came to Earth to experience being human, activate the centers, and show us how to get home, for which he was killed. Many of us are thinking of Him this weekend.

Here is some material from the book about angel hierarchy. It’s interesting to me that our Creator has given us so many helpers:

The Seraphim are at the top of the list and remain closest to God. They are the fire of Love that cleanses.

Next are the Cherubim who emanate wisdom; keep the records of our lives and hear our prayers.

The Thrones are justice and karmic forces. Though I agree it doesn’t seem like it in our time, they are present in our world as the energy that battles activities of injustice. I guess things would be much worse without them.

Next are the Dominions, who are present in nature. They are the originating source of God’s plan for creation. Sounds like they got their orders from the Boss and went to work on making an incredibly wondrous world for us. (Maybe that’s how the earth was created in seven days!)

The Virtues bring God’s grace to us through the Holy Spirit as miracles.

The Powers are the warrior angels who have authority over every dark force on our world. They radiate creative power to us. When the creative force is misused, it is the Powers who correct it.

Next are the Principalities who guide the policies of leaders of nations (who are open to being guided, I’m assuming) and govern the spiritual awakening of the masses. We live in a time right now, the author says, when they have opened doors for us that have been closed for thousands of years, and will not open again for thousands more. That’s why so many people have asked come to Earth now. Spiritual opportunity is available to every single one of us now. It’s an important message to get out there.

Most of us are familiar with the Archangels from references in the Bible to Michael, Gabriel and others. Of note, Edgar Cayce said (while in his meditative-trancelike state) that the archangels are equal to those above them but have chosen to stay in lower realms to guide humanity to the highest levels of consciousness; this means they can call on all angelic forces for help.

Next, Grant described the known duties of specific archangels. With this information, we can call on them according to our needs.

Uriel is the guide who comes when all seems lost. He is the force that, “opens a door when a window closes.” His message is never, ever lose hope because hope brings him to us.

God’s healing power flows from Raphael and he also inspires divine art.

Raguel is fascinating. He guards the planets of our solar system who, Grant writes, are each archangels that radiate inspiration to us. I read somewhere that Archangel Michael is embodied as our sun, which certainly reflects his power! Through us, Raguel regulates conflicts between good and evil. He is also the guardian of the above-mentioned spiritual centers in our bodies (called chakras).

Sarakiel is the voice of our consciences so that we may learn from our misdeeds and change our thoughts and actions.

Gabriel is God’s divine messenger who carries the lily, the flower of Mary, who represents purity as the mother of Jesus Christ. Gabriel is present with innocence and is said to be at hand for divine resurrection, which Grant describes as becoming one with God without the death of our bodies.

Ramiel oversees mystical visions. He may also play a role in guarding the records of our lives, which Cayce calls the Akashic Records. Thus, Ramiel may be present when we stand before God awaiting judgment. In some records, he is among the fallen. I do take some comfort from the fact that Cayce says God is anxious for us all to come, no matter our misdeeds.

On a final note, J. Everett Irion, who I never met but love anyway, was asked at a presentation if the Antichrist was born in the U.S. and alive in our times. He answered something like this: “Have you ever felt anger, lust, envy or hatred? Have you gossiped with ill-intentions, acted cruelly, debased others? The Antichrist is present wherever negativity is.”

On that note, I’ll end here knowing that tomorrow we celebrate Christ’s rising from the darkness into the light. We’ll see you there, Lord! Eventually. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Angel Notes on Easter Weekend

  1. Thank you for sharing!

    Edgar Cayce on Angels, Archangels and the Unseen Forces by Robert J. Grant has been on my Amazon too read list for several months.

    On Easter, I always watch various Easter films, including The Ten Commandments.


    • Happy Easter to you, too! And this book is one of the most interesting books I’ve read. Much of the information Edgar Cayce shared expands on so many subjects I’m interested in. I’m not done with the book yet, but I will be soon. 🙂 Take care.

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