Was God Ever a Goddess?

I’ve wondered why, if we attend a church service during the day, we see mostly women. This is still true today, when many women also work outside the home. Is it easier for women to have faith that a divine hand is at work in our lives? Perhaps. It surely is easier to connect with the miraculous after two tiny seeds have grown together inside you to become a tiny person who, through another unique process, is specially delivered into our lives and unto the world. Maybe we tap the river of faith because we are generally more intuitive. Maybe the male of our species will become more intuitive as we make the shift in consciousness to a gentler way of expression. Maybe we females will gain more confidence and shift away from victimization and pleading for attention. 


GoddessIs a shift really happening? We find ourselves at the end of a 26,000 year cycle of time and that seems significant. What have we learned in the last 26,000 years? Somewhere along the way, we lost contact with the Divine Feminine and God became He Who Is All That Is, at least on our planet. How did that happen? Did some marauding, power-hungry man lead tens of thousands of soldiers across great continents, destroying temples dedicated to the Divine Mother? Did this marauder grow impatient with the ideas of compassion and cooperation and destroy the records of periods of peace? Did he pound his chest and say, “If there is a god, he’s male! These women had better come to their senses! All that I can see, wherever I am, is mine!” Evidence of God also as feminine is not abundant–though some does exist, enough to say yes, at some point a feminine God was worshipped on Earth and life was generally peaceful. Perhaps when her reign ended, the period of the Old Testament began.

We humans seem to project qualities of ourselves onto God. Is this why the squabbling Greek and Roman gods came to be? Did we make them up, or did they actually exist because the Great God of Love made them, too? To rule us because we had become animal-like war-makers? Who knows? All we can know for certain is that which we find in the quiet place of Love within. If we learn to tap peace, in the silence of the heart, and we spread our knowing, we will make a wonderful 26,000-year-shift into a higher way of being that means there is enough food, water, space, Love and compassion for all of us humans–because dynamic creativity has been unleashed.


4 thoughts on “Was God Ever a Goddess?

  1. Pam, regarding the ‘quiet place of love within,’ I’d like to add that formal meditation should be seen as a valid tool to increase our understanding and connection with Truth, that which has no name; some call it ‘God.’ However, the concept of God is beyond the mind’s ability to truly understand, for ‘God’ is of the Heart and our Intuition.

    The practice of stilling the mind is the doorway that allows us to enter the Heart and feel the stillness that is ALL. To feel the stillness is beyond the mind and word formulations. The mistake we so often make is to see the mind as the way to reach the ALL, when it is merely a doorway, particularly in a 3D universe.

    Once we can still the mind and enter into that Silence, then will our Hearts open up to an understanding without words or mental formulations. Tears will flow from the very depths of our being and we will begin to feel Love in all its incredible beauty and our Oneness with all life everywhere, all worlds, all universes, all star systems – we will feel our oneness with That which is ALL.

    Then will we throw our hates into the air and fly to the moon! M.B.

  2. The reason that there are more women than men in church services is because everyone in the Christian religion regardless of sex is considered the “Bride” of Christ. That means the literary, ceremony, and ritual are all geared toward the creative, right-brained personality, or anima-based personality. Grace or The Light that falls from Father God is what creates a balanced, whole, or Holy woman.

    It is unfortunate, but men are left cold by such spiritual practices. That is why they lose interest and do not attend. Many spend their Sunday’s watching sports in order to get the passions up in order to “battle” through the next week, which is actually good for their psychological makeup.

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