Where are the Fallen Angels?

dark angelThis is an interesting paragraph from the book, Edgar Cayce on Angels, Archangels and the Unseen Forces by Robert J. Grant:

“There is a tendency to believe in the fallen angels or demons only when one hears of hauntings or in cases of exorcism. These manifestations are indeed rare and do not account for a large percentage of evil influences in the earth. Evil manifests in a variety of ways, just as virtue appears in countless forms. The important point is that evil or disharmony is a choice; the fallen are only in that state of existence when the choice is made to twist creative abilities into destructive ones. Where there is manipulation, oppression, war, famine, governmental control of religious belief, there exist the fallen ones.”

Grant goes on to say that God put into place a system in which the fallen will bring onto themselves the ultimate destruction. I have come to agree that God/Love will not force anyone into Heaven. There is no Light available to a soul who consciously uses God-given energy to create destruction, deciding, in essence, to compete with the God of Light.

6 thoughts on “Where are the Fallen Angels?

    • Hi Michael,
      Edgar Cayce left so much wisdom with his connection to the Divine. (An angel appeared to him when he was young, eight years maybe, and told him his prayer to help people was granted). One of the books about Cayce, perhaps the Grant book, says he struggled all his life with opening himself to the force that spoke through him. He was a devout Christian man who worried every day because he had no memory of the words that came through him when he laid on his couch and quieted himself. He gave advice to thousands of sick people that cured them, including himself and his wife. He spoke of ‘end times’ and at least once said that parts of the western U.S. would fall into the sea. In other readings, he said the combined thoughts of all humans create what happens and what will happen. An unusual man with an unusual story. Thank you for stopping by.

    • I had to laugh when I read your comment. We are all tempted to join the shadows, probably every day, by lying, gossiping, judging, or manipulating. We represent the darkness and the light. What a great story the Creator has written! Thank you, Mike.

    • Thanks for your comment; it is appreciated.
      And I was going to say, “That choice is what separates us from the apes,” but then I remembered that all of Creation is at-one. We humans are the ones who act like animals!

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