An Intro to “Secrets of the Ancient World”

cayce bookI’ve been reading SECRETS OF THE ANCIENT WORLD by Little and Van Auken. While most of Edgar Cayce’s (the Sleeping Prophet) readings were about healing for those who asked him for help, sometimes in explaining what was going on with them, information came about other subjects such as Creation and the fall from heaven.

While in a trance state, Cayce described the five root races. When spiritual, free-will companions of the Creator grew curious about the rest of creation, they projected themselves into a denser world and became the first root race. The second root race occurred when these fluid beings created humanoid forms, which they occupied.

Over millions of years, these humans lost more of their connection to the Creator and could no longer come and go out of the forms they created. They retained some of their spiritual powers, but used them mostly for selfish reasons. They created ‘things,’ thought-projections in animal/human and plant/human forms, to be their slaves. This period coincides with the origins of Atlantis, about 200,000 B.C. and they were the third root race.

The Intelligence that spoke through Cayce, says that Creation consisted of non-physical souls that were individual, yet one with God, together in the same soupy pot, so to speak. Some souls followed Lucifer and the farther away from Divinity they moved, the denser they became, until they were physical, like us. In various periods, souls repeatedly became animal-like and forgot completely that they were children of the Creator, called Children of the Law of One. Those who rejected divinity became the Sons of Belial.

Due to continued devolution, in about 106,000 B.C., Christ, named Amilius in that period, determined that a new spiritual body was necessary so that we humans could find our way home. The final, perfected version of this body was not unveiled, however, until about 12,000 B.C. This was the origins of the races as we know them today and we are the fourth root race. Cayce said the present time marks the time of transformation to the fifth root race, but this will be a change in consciousness, rather than in bodies.

Cayce also spoke of the Akashic Records, in which the history of the world and us, as reincarnating individuals, is stored. He described Divine Consciousness and was given information about the pyramids and their builders. In his trance state, Cayce said the Lemuria civilization came first, followed by Atlantis, which was deluged by what we call the Great Flood.

According to the Cayce readings, the story of humans being ejected from Paradise has happened more than once. The Creator says something like, “You have fallen into physical existence, but if you stay in this Paradise I made for you, you will be safe and will experience lives of meaning and joy. You will know the secrets of the Universe and your wisdom will grow so that you may help those who have fallen into darkness. Do not go there, however,” he says, pointing to an area of the Garden. “There is knowledge for increasing power, but it is devoid of wisdom. You will follow them into darkness if you seek knowledge for its own sake.”

We can all relate to, “Don’t go over there, ever,” and the very first thing we do is to wonder why we can’t go there. Going directly to do what is not best for us became the souls’ human pathway.

How will we get home Home, though? This conversation unfolded in my imagination:

“I will send more Wise Ones to them,” the Creator thought. “I will send Them to show the pathway to returning to the Light. I will send Masters of the Way.”

“Lord, God?” interrupted His records-keeper.

“Yes, Gerard?”

“A Wise One has returned. He reports that a few chose enlightenment, but most of them prefer their physical lives. Some have said they would rather suffer than become one with You.”

“But they are one with Me.”

“The Wise One reports they don’t like to be reminded of that, Lord God.”

The Lord God looked into the distance while the records-keeper waited. At last, he turned and said, “I will go myself then.”

The keeper gasped. “But, Lord God, how will you do that? Why would you do that?”

“I love them, as I love you, Gerard. I miss them. A spark of myself will grow in the womb of a woman of light  and I will become one of them. I will speak truth and they will understand.”

“I don’t know why you would do this, Lord God. They don’t deserve You,” Gerard answered.

“They deserve to know the truth, Gerard. They deserve to know the real world is not what they believe it is. They deserve to hear from me how much I love them.”

Gerard paused and then walked to the Lord God. “May I hug you, Lord God?”

The Lord God smiled and said, “Of course, Gerard. You know that.”

“I do, but this time I won’t let go.”

The Lord God laughed warmly. “We’ll see about that, my friend.”