Speaking with Crow, Coyote and Hawk

American Crow, courtesy of birdsgallery.net/american-crow

American Crow, courtesy of birdsgallery.net/american-crow

I had an intense ‘nature’ experience when I went home to visit family in December. My mom and I came out of an office building where we had stopped to see a friend. Just as we climbed into the car, what must have been a hundred crows, maybe more, flew toward the reflective building. They were coming toward us from behind, but it seemed like they were also coming toward us from inside the mirrored building. It was like a special effects scene from a movie and struck me deeply. The crows landed on the roof of the building; my mom looked at me and said, “That’s a bad omen.”

I can’t remember exactly what I answered. It was something like, “Not necessarily, mom. Crows represent wisdom, the dark womb of creation and magic. They do bring messages, though. It could be a message.”

I thought later, What a warning it was!

About three weeks ago I was asleep, dreaming I was driving up a hill (looked like a street in San Francisco) in a minivan with children riding in the back. Alongside me on a motorcycle was Ice-T, as Detective Tutuola from Law and Order, SVU. (Dreams are so funny! Ice-T plays a good guy who goes beyond his job and tries to help people in heartrending circumstances.) The kids in the car could have been his; I wasn’t sure afterward. We were chatting through my open window and all was well. Until train cars appeared in the sky, traveling on a track from right to left and began falling in front of us, causing damage to the buildings they hit. Neither of us was upset about this for some reason.

The dream shifted. I was still asleep, but what happened next felt so real. I’ve never been as frightened as I was in that moment, asleep or awake. A hand grabbed the back of my t-shirt (I was sleeping on my side), and pulled me toward him/her. The person leaned over me. I felt breath on my ear as a voice whispered, “How would you like me to spill some blood for you?”

What! Holy sh-t! My eyes flew open. I jumped out of bed, ran downstairs and told my son the dream. “Mom, it’s just a dream.” (That’s what my kids always say.) I couldn’t get the voice out of my head for a week and I felt fear. I thought many times, Why would anyone say something like that? What does it mean? Maybe the crows were warning me about whatever is behind this ‘visit.’ Some things have come to me since; now I guess I’m waiting for understanding and guidance.

Regarding Crow, in ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES, by Steven Farmer, he says, (I’ve paraphrased here and I believe he is saying the message could be any or all of the following): “If crow shows up you’re on the verge of manifesting something you’ve been working toward for a while. Be very watchful for any clear omens or signs that will guide and teach you. Expect a big change very soon. It may be time to speak up about an injustice. You’re about to get a glimpse into some future event that affects you directly.”

Now, to this week’s ‘nature’ messengers. Coyotes watch my little terrier mix, Roxie and I, yipping at us some nights, when we’re out for the last walk of the day. I never see them, but sometimes they’re close enough that I pick her up. A couple of mornings ago, two coyotes ran in front of us so quickly that if they had been coming for Roxie, I’m not sure I could’ve picked her up in time. Coyote has previously taught me: “Either you are tricking yourself or someone is tricking you.” Wow, I thought. Is the tricking related to the crows’ appearance or that frightening dream?

Quoting Steven Farmer again, Coyote means, “Lighten up. The resources you need are available. Something unexpected and not necessarily welcome is coming. It will work out better if you adjust, rather than fight it. Look for lessons in turmoil. Forgive yourself for mistakes and look for the gifts that have come from the experience.” He doesn’t mention the trickster, but that is my experience with Coyote as teacher. I’m sure I will know more soon enough.



Red Tailed Hawk, courtesy of mslenahan.edublogs.org/2009/03/11/red-tailed-hawk

Red Tailed Hawk, courtesy of mslenahan.edublogs.org/2009/03/11/red-tailed-hawk

Then, Sunday afternoon, as every other resident of the apartment complex apparently went indoors to watch the Super Bowl, Roxie and I went for a walk. I heard an intermittent sound I couldn’t quite place. Was it a hurt kitten? A bird? I followed the sound to the far northwest corner of the apartment complex and looked around in what is the bunny hiding-area. A number of birds were zig-zagging overhead, making alert sounds.

At last, the call came again and I was close. I looked up and on the top of a telephone pole was a young bird of prey. His call was almost pitiful, like he had lost something dear to him. His head was tucked into his body, not stretched out as when hunting. My heart went out to him. (Roxie’s didn’t. She grew more nervous the longer we were there. Maybe she was right, that she looked like dinner to him, and all that was between the hawk and her was me. I picked her up to comfort her.)

I couldn’t see the hawk clearly due to the glare of the late afternoon sun. The red-tailed hawks who have blessed me as friends have had brown bodies with specks of white feathers on their breasts; this hawk’s shoulders were reddish and his underbody was reddish-brown. I looked online; he could’ve been a red-shouldered hawk. Still, hawk is hawk. I looked again in ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES.

It says, “If hawk shows up . . . you’re about to receive an important message. Be aware of any personal or psychic attacks and be prepared to defend yourself. Stop trying to change others or the situation and work instead toward accepting things as they are. You’re involved in too many details; step back to get a greater perspective. Stay alert and focused on the task before you, eliminating as many distractions as possible.”

Maybe another psychic or personal attack is coming and I do need to be more alert, though at this point I’m not sure what I would do besides asking the Divine for help. I admit I have allowed myself to become distracted from a project I’ve been working on. “Warning, be aware, accept the unexpected, who’s tricking whom?, stay focused, and a project is coming to completion.” Messages received, all my critter friends. Thank you.

The young hawk flew by me this morning. The afternoon sun had caused his coloring to look redder to me than the others’ I’ve known. He is more of a reddish brown, but he definitely had a red-tail. I think I’ve made a new friend. I am happy.

6 thoughts on “Speaking with Crow, Coyote and Hawk

  1. Hello Pam:

    An insightful narration. Thanks.

    Many years ago, everywhere I went there were 3 crows. They even flew alongside my car at times. I also had a red hawk land within 10 feet of me once and just stare at me; then it took off.

    Take care,

    • So, when you say ‘narration,’ does that mean it was too long? (I worried about that a little.) 🙂
      I would love it if bird friends regularly flew alongside my car. That had to be pretty awesome; truly they were your friends.
      Once a dragonfly shot through the windows of my moving car. “EEK!” I said. “A giant bug!” Then it came back in through the driver’s window, hovered in front of my face and left by the passenger window. Talk about acrobatics! I had no idea back then that non-human friends came with messages for us. I’m grateful I know now, though. Thanks for coming by, Mike.

  2. I wonder if some kind of gift would be in order, particularly for the hawk. I guess an offering of a live mouse wouldn’t be practical, heh. Maybe dropping a bit of tobacco near where you see him. I don’t know a lot about the practice, but it seems right to honor a new friend.

    • What a wonderful idea, Rachel. Thank you. I have wanted to leave tobacco a few times, but, of course, don’t have any. I believe there is a Native Indian store here that sells cigarettes. Maybe they would have some of the real, unpoisoned tobacco, too. Thanks so much! Pam

  3. No, it wasn’t too long. Narration was just the word I chose. Was going to write story, but decided against that word.

    Kind regards,

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