The Wonder of Mother-Love

It’s hard on parents when our kids, who once believed we were infallible, find out that we don’t know everything and that we’re not perfect. Down from the pedestal we tumble. It’s hard on our children, too; sometimes the letdown comes in a tough way and they need a while to adjust to the new view of us.

But, most parents love their kids and our kids know it and we all grow on. In fact, parent-love may be the most powerful human force in this world. I give thanks to our Creator that those of us whose parents weren’t able to love us, can turn within to the Heavenly Father and Divine Mother for the tenderness and support we need. None of us, no matter what has happened, are ever alone.

I woke up this morning, though, thinking of Mother-Love. The more time passes, the more convinced I am that, in some profound way, we really are children of Mother Earth, that ‘from dust we come and to dust we return.’ The seasons of the year teach us about the seasons of our lives: Our childhoods are the Springs of our lives; our productive years are the Summers. In our Autumns, we share our wisdom gained and in our Winters we must deal with an older body freezing up, getting ready to shut down, to feed and rest again in our Mother. Life, beauty, and connection are all around us and by the time we get to Winter, we know that they’ve been with us all along.

I stood the other day and tuned into Silvine, my ash tree friend. She deepened my understanding of Mother-Love, showing me that everything that grows from Mother, and lives on her, is here for us. Her entire being is aligned with the will of the Universe so that we would know that we are Love, that we are made by Love and that Love is waiting for us to come home to who we are. Every creature, even ants and grasshoppers, will bring us messages from the Universe if we will open our minds and hearts to them.

One of my all-time favorite books is Animal Speak by Ted Andrews,  in which he shares Native Indian wisdom about contacts with our animal friends, whether in nature or in our dreams. One day a large dog with bright, Husky-blue eyes charged down the street toward my daughter, jumped up, licked her in the face and ran into her apartment. My daughter laughed and followed the dog in; then the dog followed my daughter upstairs and laid on her bed for a while. My daughter thought the experience a bit odd, but she felt a joyful connection to the dog. Ted Andrews writes that Dog asks if we are giving or we need unconditional love, or if we need to be more protective of our territory. Are we being faithful and do we need to play more? Jamie Sams’ Medicine Cards and Sacred Path Cards come with deep insights into the nature of who we are, why we’re here, and how, with the help of Nature, All That Grows and our Creature Friends, we can strengthen our relationships with the Great Mystery.

Courage rockMother Earth’s love for us lives in even the stones of her body, so that we may find a special stone and sit with it, holding her love in our hands, or placing the stone over our hearts. She wants us to know that there is not one blade of grass, one fallen leaf, one found bird’s wing that is not here to show us her love. So when you walk outside today, look around you and soak up the gift of Mother Love. If it’s all concrete where you are, look to the sky. Cloud People bring us messages, too. Go forth and be loved; and give a little back, too.


7 thoughts on “The Wonder of Mother-Love

  1. Hi Pam – Good for you. I like what you’ve written and it certainly rings true for me. All living things are indeed part of the same life force that courses through our human veins. All life is indeed sacred and for this reason I am a Vegetarian and have been since I was 18 – now 77 and still healthy. These comments of mine may make some feel uncomfortable – if it makes you think – good! Michael.

    • Hi Michael,
      It’s great to hear from you! Thanks for adding your wisdom to this post. That’s the idea–making us think beyond our boxes, right? 🙂 Love from Az, Pam

  2. Hi Pam….thank you for this post. I was thinking about this myself today. While walking in the conservation area today, a big Red Tailed Hawk flew low over our heads from north to south. Then when I drove up to my house late tonight, four deer ran down the street in front of me from north to south again.Time to move my perspective from my mind to my heart perhaps? About spirit and about family? Any thoughts?? Love from Kim

    • Hi Kim,
      Yes, I’d say you were definitely sent a message. I love that Nature gifts us in this way!
      I took out the Sacred Path book that goes with the cards. You know the Medicine Wheel and the four directions. I looked up North first; it is the direction of wisdom. Sams says the North Shield tells you that you have learned a lesson and derived from it a sense of Self that will serve you for the rest of your life. [This time period] should be marked by thanksgiving and gratitude.
      Then I went to the South Shield, which Jamie Sams says marks a time of returning to the childlike parts of Self that need no support from the ego. Look at how you can be humble in the present situation. Balance work with play and sacredness with irreverance. In other words, you’ll need to lighten up and drop the uptight parts of Self before you continue. Stop holding on so tight and remember how to trust. The child within is trying to teach you something about the situation.
      I’ll be interested to hear how these messages strike you. I’ve grown to really appreciate Jamie Sams, who was given the mission of teaching some Native Indian truths to non-Native people. Her teachings always strike right in my heart. I have a feeling they will do the same for you. 🙂 Love back at ya. Pam

      • Pam, the interpretation feels spot on!! In fact, it inspired the blog I am about to post. With my new job, I am really in a position of novice and feeling really uncomfortable with it. You know, my ego keeps saying, “I have 30 years of experience….blah, blah, blah….” Some calm inner voice has been saying, “You have an incredible opportunity to learn some new skills at this late point in your career….sit back and enjoy it!!” So, that voice is in total alignment with your interpretation of my medicine signs. How cool is that?? Love you….Kim

        • Well, you said north to south; all I did was look up Jamie Sams’ wisdom about directions. She is gifted–her words always describe what’s happening with me, too. Sounds like novice-you and your inner child are going to be having some fun! Yay!

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