Paradoxes and Potentialities

Mysterious paradoxI was sitting quietly this morning when another thought came of the paradox of each of us having valuable roles to play in the unfolding world drama, while the discoveries of the Hubble telescope cause us to acknowledge how infinitesimally small we are in relation to the multitude of universes. How can both be true?

I understand we are important in our own minds. I also understand that the souls given us by our Creator link us to All That Is, that these souls make us children of God (Him or Her) and that we’re important to our Parent. But why? We have unceasingly warred against each other and are still working at destroying our home planet.

I think the answers lie within our genetic makeup, that the Creation story and all that has happened since is recorded in the as yet unknown 95% of our DNA, the part once called ‘junk’ DNA. Think of it: We’re using only five percent of the power of our minds and we know less than five percent of what is recorded in our DNA. We’re basically deaf, dumb and blind, grasping in the dark–but our capacity for enlightenment is nearly unlimited by these potentials. Who will we be when we’re functioning with a hundred percent of both?

This journey is important, isn’t it? Our mission, should we decide to accept it, is: “How Godlike can we become in the few short years of a lifetime?” This is our ‘prime directive’ and we’ve pretty much blown it. We’re sucked into the superficial beauty of ‘perfect’ bodies, our gadgets, our investments, cars and homes, when real beauty is given us every day as the sun and moon rise and set among the stories painted by, as Native Indians call them, the Cloud People. The variety and beauty of the greenery of Earth is breathtaking (if we stop and look) and the food values and medicinal properties of the plants are her gifts to us, without which we would quickly die. Our Mother makes lotus blossoms out of muck! That’s why she hasn’t given up on us.

We each do have a part in the Great Cosmic Story and while we may be important to corporations for what we buy from them, we are important to our Creator and to our Mother Earth because of the sparks of Love given us at the time of our making. The corporations have it all wrong. We are not here to make them rich, get sick doing so, and then buy their pills, completing their treasure-chest-cycle. We are here to unlock the mysteries stored in our hearts, in our minds and nervous systems, to both respect our bodies and to know that which is beyond the body. There is a whole lot more to the picture than what we’ve been corralled into believing.

Will you take up your mission in your time on Earth? Will you share your story?


2 thoughts on “Paradoxes and Potentialities

  1. Wow….it feels like you can come back to your blog with a fountain of newfound wisdom and the gift of the spoken word. Lovely insight beautifully articulated….Thank you…Kim

    • Thank you, Kim. Something did change inside when I took a break from the blog. I’m not so rosy-eyed, but I’m stronger in other ways. Time to grow up a bit, again. 🙂 You are appreciated.

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