Seeking, We Find

I’ve been down with a cold that left, but then roared back as the flu and to make things worse, I’ve been feeling sorry for myself. I’ve been sleeping a lot or lying on my couch, looking out the window at the two large, protective pines and my ash tree friend, Sistine, bare to the branches now, except for about ten thousand seed clusters. I don’t know if it’s possible to start an ash tree from the seeds, but I’ve gathered some and if I ever land somewhere where I can plant trees, I’m going to try.

I was thinking about personal/impersonal questions this morning: Who are we to the Creator of all life? And how are we supposed to learn the answer? How do we have a personal relationship with God if there are millions of universes? (There likely are, because once the creating ball was rolling, how would it be stopped? “Let’s see; I’ll keep creating until the edge of . . . what?” There are no edges.) And think about it: If we’re so important to God that he comes to Earth to show us the way Home, it’s also likely that other ‘people’ exist on some of the billions of planets out there and that they are important to God, too.

I wonder if any of them struggle as much as we do with making peace, not war, including other people in our circles of love versus counting them as enemies. Why is it so easy to say, “God loves me, but not you.” Or, “I don’t care who I use or hurt on my climb to success.” Why is owning the most land and stuff so important that it trumps everyone and everything else? (And, according to many Native Indian tribes, the earth, the water, the land, and its plenty, belong to the Creator, not us. That is true spirituality.)

Will our instinct to ‘grab up’ eventually attract other warrior-beings to Earth who will fight us for our planet’s resources? Or, will we make a group shift in consciousness—a new, expansive way of being, knowing that everything we need has always been available to us (and everyone else) and always will be? Food has been sent from ‘the Heavens’ before. With a conscious relationship with our Creator/Creating, perhaps we, ourselves, will create from ‘the air’ what we really need to live.

We have soul-connections with God, however we see Him or Her, however never-ending the universe is, but we have to slow down and ask these important questions, “Who am I? Where do I come from? And why am I here?” Seeking, we find.


9 thoughts on “Seeking, We Find

  1. It is funny; when I saw your post, I thought, “Wow, I really miss Pam’s posts and comments.” I have not wanted to press the point because I want you to feel that you are allowed to pull away and direct your energy in other directions if you feel you want to or need to. But, those feelings seem to relate to your post. I think we are here to realize our potential and to offer our gifts/talents to the people and the planet. And as I read your post, I found myself thinking that when you were writing your blogs and offering your comments, you were “realizing your potential and offering your gifts as healer to the people”. I hope these comments are not out of line!! With love and light….Kim

    • Kim, I was sitting on my loveseat yesterday, tearing up, feeling dried up and pathetic and purposeless. I stopped writing the blog months ago because I couldn’t think of anything else to say. And, I couldn’t see how it mattered one way or the other, anyway. I’ve been writing fiction, which I love, but I’m not good at following through (though I did finish one novel 🙂 ).
      The truth is, I simply forgot how to get to the place of openness and gratitude and just share. I keep writing that it’s not about us as individuals, but us as a part of the whole and I forgot that very thing, that it’s not about me, it’s about what you said: being a part of the whole.
      You can’t know how much your words mean to me. I don’t have anyone to talk with about spiritual experiences and get so caught up in my other-world-mind that I become directionless. Thank you, Kim. You’re the best.
      And, I had to have a good laugh when I learned that temporal lobe epilepsy (the kind I have) often leads people to believe they’re having religious/spiritual experiences and that they need to share them. Pretty funny, eh?

      • Hi Pam…I am so glad that you found my words helpful. I think it is very easy to get depressed when you are not feeling well, particularly when you are living alone. I wonder if maybe you lost sight of how much you gave, and how connected you felt, when you were blogging on a regular basis?? Kim

        • Exactly, I lost sight. In more ways than one. In order to feel connected, one must connect! I am trying to figure out how to follow blogs. I’ll keep working on that and re-connect. Thank you–you are a dear friend to me, Kim, a soul sister, for sure.

  2. I too am glad you are back on line more and hope your health improves. The question around personal relationship with God is a slippery one. To me it’s all paradox. God is all, we are part of God so in our individuality we are also all. It’s the old how do you imagine infinity. You can’t. Neither can you resolve paradox.

  3. I hope that flu leaves you soon! These are the kinds of questions that fuel some great thinking. Glad to have them in my head now. Thank you.

    I actually find some relief in thinking that our world is but one of many and even on this one I am a tiny tiny speck. Makes the peeling porch paint not seem like such a pressing need to fix. Ha! But it does also make me feel like I don’t have to grab up, and I agree that is definitely a part of my spirituality. A big sigh of relief part! I don’t want to grab up! 😀

    • Hi there! I love the idea of our world as only one among many; and I really love the idea of paralell dimensions and different yous and mes. 🙂
      It’s true, we are tiny specks and yet we have so much potential because of the Spirit in us. Sure makes life interesting as little specks on a little speck of a planet, who all hold a universe within.
      Thanks so much for stopping by.

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