home, Home and HOME

I went home recently and stayed with my dear mom, saw my brothers and their families and visited my very special friends (in order of visits): Toni, Julie, Anita, Marge and Annette. My ‘well’ was nearly empty and their love filled it up again. There were times in my life when I withdrew and curled into a ball, but Love would not let me stay there. Family and friends grabbed my legs and arms, unwrapped me, so to speak, and said, “YOU are SO loved!” The difference between traveling life’s roads with friends and family and without is stunning.

And, more Love blessings were ours, as my sons, daughter and I were together for a few days. It had been far too long. Last week my eldest son celebrated his twenty-seventh birthday and neither of us can believe it. (He doesn’t know where the time went, either!) He and his younger brother made a wonderful dinner; I made a peanut butter and chocolate birthday cake that was dry, dang it. But we had a good time sharing funny stories, together with their girlfriends and boyfriend, and more shared moments were made into heart-memories.

I think ‘filling the well’ is due to the season, too, for all of us. Now is a moment in time to let go of blaming ourselves and others, as the angels sing and the stars twinkle their loving message: ‘Reach out for healing.’ It is beyond time to share our blessings and make a difference for other people, however we can. We should never forget, especially in the times we live in, that heartfelt smiles, warm wishes and listening to others’ stories, just might help avert a tragedy. Love is that powerful. Every caring act blesses the receiver, but seems to double-bless the giver. That’s amazing if you think about it: Our gifts to others of love, of time, of service and of dollars bless us more than them! What a wonderful system the Higher Power has set into place. Giving is healing.

I pray you are home with family and friends during this month of celebrating the unimaginable Higher Love of the Great Being of Light who was born the same as we are: human, naked and vulnerable, to set upon His powerful peace-journey and show us the way ‘Home.’ In spite of all we have destroyed, we still have an extraordinarily loving home and Mother: Earth; and we have a home beyond this physical world. Let’s not forget this and let’s remember that Home and HOME belong to all of God’s children, however messed up many of us are.

If you find yourself alone this holiday season, now is a good time to open your heart, to risk, and make friends that just might turn into family. Give and receive, care and share, and you’ll soon be basking in the blessed moments with friends and family that make life so valuable. Our wells quickly run dry without them and we do have a choice. Living dried up and lonely? or sparkling, filled out with Love Inconceivable?


7 thoughts on “home, Home and HOME

  1. Thank you Pam for your thoughts and your sensitive sharing. You are and have been an inspiration to so many of us others. Again Thank You. “Onward into Forever”! Love, Michael B.

  2. Dear Pam…I am so happy to hear that your well has been filled!!! I have missed your beautiful posts….and have felt so grateful to have you in my life over the last two years!! You have touched many of us with your gentle reminders to open ourselves to love….please don’t ever think that you need to be alone!! Kim

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