Horror in Connecticut

young studentsI’m sure I’m not the only person who can’t watch the news about the slaughter of so many little ones in Connecticut. We see news reporters and anchors in the midst of tragedy after tragedy trying to explain what has happened here and there, but there are no words for this type of unimaginable slaughter and the resulting mind-shock and pain in our chests.

I have not written about what happened but I was prompted to do so this morning. Why? I don’t know. I’m not interested in the young man’s motive for killing all those people, especially the little ones who were only excited to be a big kid now, to get to go to school. How could anyone do this? There is no explanation.

Did some of the adults manage to get off a prayer to God like, ‘Take me to heaven, Lord,’ before they were killed? I wonder if the children even understood what was happening. Were they learning colors or shapes or letters? Were they coloring or using those first scissors with the rounded tips? Did they have time to scream?

But many men throughout history have taken many children’s lives, haven’t they? And many parents have had to just take it, knowing they were or are powerless to change the sickness that drives these murderers. I don’t know if the kid shot the people at that school with automatic weapons, but they do seem to be the weapon of choice in our times. I WANT TO KNOW WHY MULTIPLE WEAPONS AND AUTOMATIC WEAPONS ARE STILL FOR SALE IN AMERICA. And I don’t want to hear one word about ‘the right to bear arms’ from one Conservative representative. You think your homes and schools are safe for your children and maybe they are—aren’t you blessed? But most American’s homes and schools are NOT safe from madmen with multiple or automatic weapons. Do you care, even a flicker? And please don’t stand on the steps of any government building, in front of cameras of course, belittling the situation with ‘pious’ words.

I ALSO WANT TO UNDERSTAND WHY MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE CAN’T GET AFFORDABLE OR ENOUGH MENTAL HEALTH CARE IN AMERICA. We can all see that some people need HELP, but that help could affect the bottom line, couldn’t it? Why, it could reduce profits by half a percent! Maybe more! God forbid anyone’s net worth should be impinged on.

And, yes Lord, I know I am angry. I add my prayers to the millions of prayers coming your way. Please wrap those little ones in your loving arms and be with their parents and the people of that Connecticut town who must endure the untold pain of this type of loss.


5 thoughts on “Horror in Connecticut

  1. Hi Pam: Well put. I have not watched any of this on TV or the internet. I read it in the paper which makes it a little less real. It is so incredibly sad. I find myself trying to figure out why people commit these horrible acts of violence because I keep thinking that if we can only understand it, maybe we can prevent it. I totally agree with you; if guns were not so readily available in the United States, desperate people would be much less likely to take so many innocent lives with them when they “lose it”. I also agree that if both of our countries provided good mental health services, people who are unwell, depressed, lonely or desperate would be much less likely to kill themselves and others. I also think that the press has to stop giving these desperate people who commit these horrible acts so much attention because it sounds as if the notoriety encourages them to take innocents lives with theirs. My prayers go to all of the families who have lost loved one; to the community of Newtown; and to the people of the United States; May they find it in their hearts to create policies that are life affirming!!! Kim

    • Thank you for your thoughtful addition to my post, Kim. I think you are right about the media giving so much attention to the murderers. I, too, wish we never saw their faces or heard their stories–it doesn’t help to make sense of what has happened. But those of us watching our TVs have to stop craving the information–many of us would accuse the media of a cover up if they didn’t report on the who/what/and when. I was very angry when I wrote this post, but in thinking about it, it’s not just gun control or mental health insurance coverage–it’s a gigantic shift in consciousness where we move beyond ourselves and include others in our circle, including people we don’t know, because we want the very best for them, too. Right now, I can’t see how this could happen. Pam

  2. Bless you Pam – There are really no adequate words – only feelings of Love and Compassion towards all those so deeply affected, including I have to say, to the so screwed up young man who did this. What more can one say? 😦 Michael B.

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