Stunned by the Generosity of Nature

Every time I really see my ash tree friend, and acknowledge Silvine, the spirit of the tree, I feel awed. She has helped me understand that all growing things feel love for all other life on the planet. They live to help us through our myriad problems, if we ask, no matter what we have done. They love us unconditionally because Mother Earth does.

Whatever gave me the nerve to ask Silvine for help when sinking into depression? And again when bronchitis set in a few days before my 60th birthday and I asked for healing so that I could begin my new year on a good note? A couple of nights ago I felt confused and just hugged and thanked her—I didn’t ask for help because I thought, “What if I am asking too much?” I woke up with a knowing, however, and then was stunned by this generosity of nature, of the love of the tree spirit who heals me with compassion and understanding.

When I wrap my arms around her, she holds me, too; even if I can’t see arms, I can feel them. I am not sure what to feel or say. How could so many of us have missed this? And why didn’t our elders sing from the mountaintops of these potential relationships? I feel angels with me all the time, but I am beginning to understand that the critters of the Earth, the green, growing things, even stones, have love and gifts for us. They are her children, also, angels of the Earth, secret love-agents of Mother Nature herself. My wish for all of us nature-newbies is to make a connection with a tree or plant or even a stone—whatever calls to you—and acknowledge the spirit of your choice of friends, give due respect, ask to know your kinship and then for help with your troubles. You may be as astonished as I am.


2 thoughts on “Stunned by the Generosity of Nature

  1. Yes, Pam. This is what I do as well. Currently, I have a wonderful old saguaro cactus up a path from my house. I call her Grandmother (of course) and she is guarded by Uncle who has many scars and bent arms from defending her.

    I bring Grandmother my troubles, my triumphs, my questions and my hopes and dreams. She listens. She stands and she speaks to me at times.

    I love Grandmother Saguaro. I love walking up the hill to see her and always ask her permission before I enter her private space. She has a son who stands behind her and his wife attends a short distance away. The indigenous people in this area always called the saguaros “The People” and they do seem to live together as a tribe all over this part of the beautiful Sonoran Desert.

    Thanks for opening this topic. In the past, I’ve talked with rocks, trees, bushes and most certainly mountains. i love nature and always go to her for my grounding, clarity and sustanance. Water too is an important friend. The ocean, a pond, running streams all have their nature and personality.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your openness to other forms of life. I love that you share your triumphs, hopes and dreams too with Grandmother Saguaro. I must remember to do the same with my friend, Silvine. I don’t know if you read here often, but after receiving Silvine’s name, she appeared in a dream, looking elvish to me, and petite and strong in a way I don’t know how to measure. (Just as I went to speak with her, my little dog stuck her nose in my face and woke me up.)
      I am stunned that the green, growing things we call trees and plants each have a spirit-being that cares how we’re doing! I hope people will read the stories that come here and if they’ve never made a friend like this, that they will trust and go reach out. Thanks, again.
      P.S. I moved to Tucson last July and love the saguaros! I will think of you and your Grandmother whenever I see one.

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