The Swift Passing of Time

I was thinking today about our short life spans—how quickly the time passes as our lives unfold. I’m looking back on six decades and looking forward to two, maybe? It’s pretty easy at this point
to wonder what my life adds up to–how I’ve spent it, what I’ve accomplished, have I lived and loved well?

I believe we choose our lives, in the space between the previous life and the current one. One time my therapist hypnotized me back to when I was being born—I felt the panic of a soul who knew she had chosen a difficult road and I DIDN’T WANT to be born. That’s probably why we forget our past-life errors after we’re born; we have to start fresh, with the pluses and minuses of who we have been and what we have done stored in records we most likely won’t access while here on Earth.

Ultimately, we’re here to discover our oneness with God/Goddess/Great Spirit/Love and everything else in the universe. We’re here in this seeming physical world to learn we are all the children of God—sparks of a holy Spirit. We set goals, achieve, conquer and we mess up along the way. We despair in the moments of seeing how we have hurt ourselves and others, but from there we’re ready to let go of what we think is true and ask, “What is the truth? Why am I here? Do I know God within myself? Have I made a difference in the world?”

When I think of the stages of life, birth, toddler, young child, pre-teen, teen, young adult, adult and elder, it doesn’t seem like there’s much time for inner reflection. We all come with noisy personalities that want what they want and they’re pretty set on getting whatever it is. We all come, also, with the seed of Love that connects us to the whole everything and that’s pretty awesome when you think about it. This is why when children are being murdered in Afghanistan and Syria and others are starving in Africa, it matters. They are us; we are them. Though we must accept that all of us choose our life experiences for important reasons, our Love connection means we can, at the very least, sincerely pray for others—and for world peace. Women generally tend to long for peace more than men; we carry the children inside our bodies and understand on some level that all children are every mother’s children.

I was watching the news tonight and they showed the Facebook team ringing the stock market bell last week with big smiles all around. Apparently the stock offered was overpriced and now they’re being sued. (In a capitalistic system, aren’t things priced at what people will pay for them?) It all made me wonder what it feels like to be so focused on gains and losses—wealth and status—that the joy and satisfaction of life’s blessings are missed. I can only say now that time whizzes by; be kind and make a difference whenever you can. That Love is why we’re here.


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