My Ash Tree Friends, Sistine and Silvine

There is a great old ash tree that sits to the right of my living room window so I can look out and see it whenever I want. Over time, I noticed how beautiful the tree was—the gracefulness and balance of its far-reaching branches, the strength of its trunk and last Autumn, its leaves were so golden it almost hurt my eyes to look at them. I intend to take some pictures this year.

Over the last months when I take Roxie, my terrier mix, out for her final pee of the night, I have been drawn to the tree, like we were old friends. (I’d been praying to the Heavens, ‘Please, may I make a real friend?’) I had heard that every plant and every tree, even every rock, have names personal to them, so one night as we walked by the ash tree I wondered what its name was. I heard in my mind, “Sistine.”

“Like the chapel?” I asked, but Sistine was all I heard. So I looked up Sistine on the internet and the root word means six. I kept looking and came across a frightening, unholy Pope in the 1400s (I think) whose name was the root of Sistine. I did not want to end my search on that note, so I kept at it and learned at last that the root of the word means chapel or a peaceful resting place. That, I thought, is exactly what this tree is. Its branches reach out in clusters to cover a huge area—ash trees are magnificent!

“Lean on me,” she says.

After I learned the tree’s name, at night I began to stop and lean against the tree and then to hug the tree. There is a furrow in its trunk that is hard to see at first, but it fits the human head and body perfectly. I snuggle in some nights and thank it for all it does for us and for our Earth Mother. I was embarrassed at first that someone might see me but then I heard/felt, “It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.” I have been hugging the tree with some measure of abandon now.

I researched ash trees and learned their ruling planet is the sun. When I asked my higher-self years ago what the name of my soul was, I learned that it means sun, so this seemed a connection. The ash tree represents both male and female energies and the energy of the Aquarian Age, to which, my astrological natal chart says, I am to awaken.

It is said that sleeping with ash leaves under our pillows will help us have intuitive dreams. I thought about putting one under my pillow and just as I was falling asleep that night I heard the word, Silvine.” “Silvine?” I wondered. I wrote it down and later realized it was the name of a younger ash tree planted around the corner from Sistine.]

Silvine’s right side

We had big wind here yesterday and when we went by Sistine, I saw that a twig with five leaves had broken off. “Thanks!” I said and when I got home I put it in a sandwich bag and placed it under my pillow. This is the neat part: In a dream this morning I was in a home with several people (nine or ten, maybe?) and I heard someone introduce a small, wiry, elvish-looking girl as Silvine.

“Silvine!” I said. “That’s the name of  my tree friend!” I stepped toward the elvish-looking girl and right then, Roxie woke me up by sticking her nose in my face. Yup, she had to go pee. I didn’t get to speak with the spirit of a tree-friend, but maybe I wasn’t ready. I hope to be ready some day.


8 thoughts on “My Ash Tree Friends, Sistine and Silvine

  1. I love your tree storey, Pam. Beautiful and right on! I may have told you this in past exchanges so forgive me but it fits into this experience of yours so I’ll repeat it.

    I was on a silent retreat in northern California up in the mountains some 20 or more years ago. Every day we would go out for a walk on our own. One particular day I was on my walk and ended up sitting under this beautiful tree and leaning comfortably against it I felt its beautiful energy and almost as if it was talking to me. So I found myself asking it a mental question – “Who are you?” The answer came back – “We are the wind”. At first I thought I must have got it wrong until I realised you don’t hear the trees until the wind blows through them! Neat!. I’ve never forgotten.

    Michael B.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful story!! I have hugged a tree or two in my life but I have never had one communicate with me. What a lovely gift. And what a nice a powerful sign that you are right you are meant to be right now!! Kim

    • You know, Kim, I think you’re right–this friendship is a sign that I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I’m collecting some of her seed pods and hope that wherever I end up, I will bring her alive again. 🙂 Thank you for that.

  3. Oh, I love this post and her name is just perfect (remembering thos hours of Latin class and it seems worthwhile now). I have an ash in our backyard in Reno. I love that tree. There are some wonderful ones down here as well, but last year “my” pepper tree was gone when we arrived here…uprooted, it seems, by wind. :0( I grieved.

    • Oh, no! Completely gone? Wow, Mother Nature is definitely the boss of us. 🙂 I understand the grief–meeting the soul or spirit of ‘my’ ash tree would make it hard to see her go–especially just to disappear. Thanks so much for sharing your tree story with me.

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