Garlic to the Rescue

I’ve been offline with computer problems–apparently a karmic issue for me. 🙂 And, there’s a bug going around that came alive inside me day before yesterday. I began looking for natural remedies and came across one that said: Chop up a clove of garlic, add it to a tablespoon of honey and partake. (I wasn’t feeling well, so I didn’t care how awful it sounded.) It actually tasted a little like an apple to me AND it did the job. I took another dose today, just in case. Nice find, if I do say so myself.

And, if you have a tooth cavity that hurts, cut a clove of garlic into fourths and put a piece on top of the ailing tooth. Hold it there as long as you can. It doesn’t work instantly, but after an hour or two, the toothache is completely gone! At least, that’s how it worked for me. And it lasted for weeks, which is more than enough time to get to a dentist.

6 thoughts on “Garlic to the Rescue

  1. Am very glad to hear this, Pam. I was getting a bit worried as it is unusual not to get an e-mail from you fairly regularly.
    Love, Michael.

  2. Hello Pam:

    Another good one is to put one teaspoon of bakibng soda in a mug of boiling hot water and allow it to cool to room temp before drinking. An old Edgar Cayce remedy.

    Lowers the ph in the body. Bugs grow on sugar which raises ph and creates an acid environment.

    I have used this and it works pretty well.

    Take care and rest,

  3. Well if we’re going to get into this then I’ll stick my nose in too. I actually thought of writing to you Mike what I am going to say here to Pam when I heard of your recent illness. So bear with me.

    First – I have not had a cold or cough or any illness for as long as I can remember. Why?
    Several reasons. If I feel the slightest cold coming on I use a herbal medicine called Echinacea which comes from the blue Prarie Corn flower available in most Health Stores.

    Second – I always eat Organic foods and have been a Vegie since I was 18. Especially to eat the meats and chickens that are ‘grown’ today in huge barns where they never see the light of the sun. This is monstrous in itself – apart from the fact that they get injected with all kinds of stuff to try and keep them health – and YOU take this into your body when you eat them.

    When these cows and pigs are being herded into the corrals for slaughter they know they are going to be killed – they sense it – and try desperately to break free. This is why these corral fences have to be replaced constantly as they are so badly damaged by the efforts of these animals to break free. So when we eat their flesh we absorb that fear into ourselves. Perhaps this is a major contributing factor to why there is so much fear in the air around us these days.

    Finally – and this will be no surprise to you both – vaccination! This is one of the most evil things that has ever been perpertrated on Humanity. Believe it! In this you know my own story that I shared with you a week or so ago, and largly thanks to you Mike for forwarding me that revelation appearing in the British press about the negative affects of vaccination.

    Michael B.

    • Thank you, Michael. One of my good friends is going through a nightmare right now trying to understand what has happened to her son since his vaccinations (wild behavior changes). She has found him help and has dedicated herself to exposing the dangers of vaccination.

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