The Ups and Downs of Life

Some people thrive on change but most of us, especially the fixed astrological signs, Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus, the last being my sun sign, aren’t too sure about change. All humans are born, we live and we die. Our children grow up and move on with their lives. We can lose our jobs with only an hour’s notice. Friends come and go and sometimes we become separated from family members. There are pretty tough losses due to disease, weather disasters and war. There’s not much we can do about life changing, but we don’t have to like it, right?:)

Life can be scary and depressing unless we learn how to live with the universal laws that say, “When one door closes, another opens,” and, “There is a reason for everything–if you are patient, you will understand,” and, “Be thankful for what you do have, because the emotions of fear, anger and envy only make things worse. In order to solve the problem of ‘lack,’ we must first be grateful for what we do have.”

The most important universal law of all is that the Spirit of our Creator lives within us as our souls and is, therefore, always with us. If we are willing to admit we’re seeing our situations through the eyes of upset and that we don’t know everything, we can put ourselves in a better frame of mind. From there we can pray to the God we love, or ask our guardian angels to be with us, to guide us. We can find and attend a church we enjoy, spend quiet time in nature, or seek counseling. We can learn about education opportunities. First, though, we must believe that life offers good things for us.

This type of change is growth and for most of us, it doesn’t come in a flash of insight, though I knew one man whose life changed that way. We live, we make our poor choices and learn that, “Oops! That didn’t turn out very well. What can I do differently?” By accepting the laws that we create how we live and what happens to us through our thoughts and actions, and knowing we can change how we live if we choose to do so, and that as we forgive ourselves and others the past is left in the past, we are renewed. We march forward, expecting all the good that life offers, which is simply waiting for us to open that door and walk through it.


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