We Can’t Take Even One Day For Granted

I was thinking about fate last night, and karma. Maybe they’re the same thing: we must live today with the sum of what kind of a person we were in our past lives and the choices we’ve made in this life. It’s scary to me sometimes because none of us knows what will happen in the new day. (I’m not afraid of dying. Deep inside, I know how much we are all loved by our Maker. I’m just not ready to say goodbye yet.) I live in a big city and every day someone is killed: hit crossing the street or a bicyclist or motorcyclist hit by a car, or someone is murdered by an angry family member or maybe during a robbery. Did those people know when they woke up that that would be their last day?

It seems a lot of people do. They have a feeling or a dream. I knew a woman whose son was in his early twenties and a fireman. She was reading in bed one night when he came in and sat down and began reminiscing. They talked about some ‘meaning of life’ things and laughed about childhood stories. He told her how much he appreciated her and how blessed he was to have her as his mom. Then he jumped up, kissed her on the check, said, “I love you, mom” and left for a friend’s house. She reciprocated and added, “And be careful!” Twenty minutes after he left home he lost control of his car, hit a tree and died. It meant so much to her afterward that he had spent that time with her and she believes that on some level, he knew.

My sons’ father and I were recently divorced in 1991 and we were still working on some ‘issues.’ Sometimes we were short-tempered with each other and if we talked about an ‘issue,’ angry words could be said. He had left for his annual required two-week army-reserve training and called to talk to the boys one night. He spent extra time talking about fun things they’d done together and how proud he was of them. When they gave the phone back, he spent extra time with me, too, telling me the years we’d spent together were important to him and that he had many happy memories. “Me, too,” I said. He wished me success in my business and said he had to go, that he’d call again soon. The next day, a blood vessel in his brain popped and though they tried to save his life, he died. I believe the same thing—that on some level, he knew.

So I guess none of us should take any day for granted. There is a universal law that says we cannot escape our karma, but we can add ‘good stuff’ to our life-records. If given an opportunity to be kind or generous or forgiving, maybe we should ‘seize the moment.’ As we bless others, we also are blessed. That’s another one of those universal laws. Today is a good day to rise above the fray and simply love.

P.S.-We can’t escape our good karma, either, thank goodness!


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    • Thanks, Kim. I LOVE Michael’s story–I think it was a visit from an angel and that’s pretty amazing. He wasn’t in danger–it was simply a beautiful act of Love.:) Very heartening.

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