Through the Gateway

You know those stories that have portal-magic in them, where the characters can open a gateway, pass through it and escape to another world? I love those stories, even the modern ones, because they affirm my sense that other dimensions and worlds do exist.

Not every story boils down to the battles between good and evil, but the best ones do. They’re important to us because they mimic the struggles we have within ourselves and those between us and the world. We are made of cells, but we are also cells of the body of the loving universe and that’s where the portals come in.

Should everything in this world begin to crumble, including the Earth herself, it’s time to open our portals and pass into higher dimensions. How do we open a portal? I only know the way is somewhere deep within the quiet and peace of our centers. We can’t open a gateway with fear or rage, only with loving confidence. Remember in the Fellowship of the Ring when Frodo, the hobbit hero, decides they will continue through the mountain and everyone waits for Gandalf to open the door? No matter what the great wizard does, the door won’t open. (I have wondered if this was because he knew what he must confront inside–a metaphor for us facing our most frightening inner demons.)

It was Frodo who used the word ‘Friend’ and the door opened. Isn’t that interesting—that the answer lay in friendship? I believe that’s because we must learn to make friends with ourselves, sins and mistakes all, and then make peace with those around us. From there the peace spreads and together, we open portals to higher places.


10 thoughts on “Through the Gateway

  1. Hello Pam:

    It can also be intepreted that Higher Friends or abilities we have developed in past lives can be a reason. It’s a natural ability for some.

    I liked this post. Made me think on this a bit.

    Kindest regards,

  2. “We are also cells of the body of the Loving Universe” – I love it! You hit it on the head, Pam! Bong Bong! 🙂 Michael B.

  3. The metaphor of the portal has always been a favorite of mine too, I had a Near Death Experience once and I think that was the closest I came to knowing a portal experience. Thanks for the post. Good stuff here.

  4. Dear Pam…I too liked this post…and I am also a fan of Tolkien because there is so much wisdom woven into it. I love that it is the open-hearted hobbits who have no physical power, no magicial power, and no special training who are needed to save Middleearth from the evil of Sauron. They save it with their goodness, their hopefullness, and and their love. Kim

    • I agree, Kim–those great-hearted hobbits are perhaps the best characters ever created…they are my favorite books and movies for all time. My daughter and I used to have ‘Lord of the Ring’ weekends and we’d darken the windows, buy pizzas and sit/lay there for however long it took to watch all three of them, with breaks for the bathroom (and her important text messages). 🙂
      They’re soon to make The Hobbit and I hope it is as funny as the book–I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard as I did in some of the scenes from the first book. Have a great week! Pam

      • Hi Pam…My daughter and I just finished re-watching all three movies over the last week. We did the final one last night with take-out food and drawn curtains like you and your daughter. I am really excited about The Hobbit movie too!!

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