Something Eating at You?

It’s very easy for us humans to use anger like a weapon. I guess it is a weapon, if you think about it. Anger makes us feel powerful for a period and we tell ourselves we’re justified—“She shouldn’t have pissed me off”—but in the world of ‘walking in another’s shoes,’ there is never any good reason for letting loose on someone else. Anger is a flashing neon sign that says: “You’re thinking only of yourself.”

There were times with my children that I had to raise my voice to get their attention—but twice I completely ‘lost it’ and scared them. Does that mean there’s ‘good’ anger and ‘bad’ anger? Maybe so, but if there is, the world could use a lot less of the bad anger.

Bad anger is the dangerous one—the one that can flare over little things, leaving even us wondering what happened. It makes us feel guilty, too, and we think we have to make up for it somehow, but if it’s happened too much, it may be too late.

Anger is a chain we add a link to every time we feel the heat rising in our bodies and decide to aim it at someone. The last link may have been over something small, but it was added to hundreds of links and the heat travels the metal chain, gathering memories and momentum until: “Bam!” we’re at it again.

The only person who can save us from anger is ourselves. It’s no way to live—the out-of-control emotions ruin lives and that’s not why we’re here. We’re here to live and love, to care and grow and make a positive difference in the world. Sometimes when things are eating us up inside we have to seek answers. Ask sincerely for help and you shall receive it. It’s a universal law.