Will You Accept This Mission? “Yes, I Will,” she said.

My online buddy, Michael Brine, sent me an email several days back with a video interview of Inelia Benz, by Bill Ryan of Project Avalon. It’s movie length, 105 minutes, but, wow, it’s way, way more interesting than any movie I’ve ever seen. The camera stays on her the whole time and he’s in the background asking questions and commenting. I can’t call it riveting, but neither could I not continue to watch.She explains that she is not one of us humans who’ve incarnated time and again, making slow progress on the evolutionary scale toward enlightenment. She was at-one with the Source, asked to become an individual and accept a mission (she says there are millions like her) to go to Earth, take on a human body and, simply by her presence, raise the consciousness of people and the planet. She doesn’t judge anyone, her assignments or the process. She simply goes and does what she is told to do, which is to focus a hundred percent on the assignment. The loving energy of the Source does the work, through her nearness and focus.

Most interesting to me was what she said about free will. She and the others like her have been sent to Earth to mitigate the dark energy of those manipulating what happens on Earth solely for financial gain. We humans can’t make real free will choices because of the pressing-down power of the dark forces. (Free will was the deal, so to speak.) As she/they are used to raise our consciousness and Mother Earth’s energy, we are given a window of opportunity to freely choose whether to stay in this dark timeline or move to a parallel timeline where there is no war, no dark forces, no manipulating—only light and Love and life. She adds, though, that Love will eventually encompass all on Earth—it is our destiny. The more of us who tune into our ‘helpers’ to reject fear and negative thinking, the less traumatic the impending shift in consciousness.

I know this sounds like the plot of a good movie, or that she is crazy. But just watch. Grab a friend and some popcorn and watch. Maybe it is riveting after all. I promise, you will feel the power of Love and you will not forget what you have seen.


2 thoughts on “Will You Accept This Mission? “Yes, I Will,” she said.

  1. I haven’t watched the video yet, but would love to as I’m sure it is inspiring, uplifting and well worth the time (albeit not the best production). In my own life, I am running into more and more people, and sometimes I think I’m one of them, who are in joy almost constantly, seem to be here with the sole purpose of connection and love. I feel it on Facebook as well. “We ARE becoming the Change we Want to See” My own blog will be addressing this as a natural outcome of the work done in the 2nd trimester of Life when we worked and practiced and applied the principles of self growth. As we make it to the Third, it is like Joy moving into Joy for many. For those who are not experiencing that particular flow, I will be assisting to clear the blocks and open themselves up to themselves so we can hold a positive station for the rest to follow in. Blessings to you all.

    • Thanks, Sandy. I, too, felt called to do something and began this blog in 2009. It has been a great sense of love and connection for me. Wouldn’t it really be something if we all felt more joy and wiped away our fears? What a world that would be!

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