Your Part in the Great Cosmic Story

If you knew you had an important part to play in the unfolding world drama, would you change anything about the way you live? What if you (all that you thought, felt and did) were the last person who tipped the scales in one direction or another? This is how important we each are, how important you are.

It is true we are individuals with free will, but we are also child-souls of the Force that created the universe and that means we are an integral part of something much, much larger than ourselves. Isn’t this an amazing story? What better part could we have? Earth holds her position in space for us, providing us with food and water and shelter and awe-inspiring beauty that reflects our Creator. Our sun is placed so that we neither freeze nor burn. The moon lights our nights, whispering her secrets to those who will listen for the sacred magic in our world.

We are made of light and darkness. What does this mean? It means our journeys are a mixed bag of light and darkness and that, until we ask, we will stumble and fall a lot. Is the waking world the real world? Is the dream world of sleep the real world? Is the real world a place we cannot see because we are caught up in this story?

We each need to find out, because history bears witness that we’ve been warring, even animal-like people. A lot. We are more than war, or self-centered monsters who must have our own way. We are child-souls of the Universe, and we each have an important part to play in bringing peace to our lives and to our planet. Why not seek the truth? Why not get along with others? Why not care? Why not love?


4 thoughts on “Your Part in the Great Cosmic Story

  1. Sometimes it is hard for me to remember that, I too am part of the “Great Cosmic Story”. Thanks for the reminder. I love your picture, Pam. You light shines through.

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