To Make Transformation Our Greatest Desire

Last night I was thinking of all the non-profit organizations that serve the underserved, those that work to change the quality of life for people who live in poverty or disease or terror. No matter how we may judge others—the homeless, the addicted, the violent, the starving, those dying en masse—deep down, we know that we would likely do no better if we lived in their circumstances.

I am amazed by people who care so much that they establish and work in non-profit organizations to make a difference, to do something that matters, something beyond themselves. Their trials and fears and even hopelessness might at times overtake them, but they do what they can, one day, one person, one family, one village at a time. The Generation We’s, born 1978-2000—they are the ones who are left mopping up the horrors created by my generation, the Me-My-Mine-Boomers. We thought we were so cool—too cool—and now we’ve nearly destroyed our planet and our country, the once-United States.

I hope the Gen We’s are strong of heart and that they will really listen to each other so that all the world’s children may someday live in stable, happy communities on a healthy planet. For this to happen, it’s become obvious that a general shift in consciousness is necessary. It’s not enough for small groups of people to dedicate themselves to doing good while the tidal wave of corruption crashes over the world, destroying everyone and all that is beautiful in its path. For this shift to happen, some percentage of us must make the transformation our greatest desire—above all else in our lives. In this way, we become portals and help to stabilize the Love, the healing ‘Force,’ amongst our populations, wherever we are. May I choose to do so, may you choose to do so, for never has the need been so great.


2 thoughts on “To Make Transformation Our Greatest Desire

  1. Hello Pam:

    Remember, one of Light can defeat a whole army of those of darkness. You have felt & experienced the power of the Light to know that the above statement is true.

    Kindest & warmest regards,

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