Our Friends Don’t Have To Look Like Us, a Guest Post

Creatures of the natural world know the times–they are a changin’. It’s time to come together.
Photos received in an email:

You look familiar. Have we met before?

Don’t worry; I’ve got ya!

Mom said you HAVE to share!

Share a nuzzle?

My little buddy

6 thoughts on “Our Friends Don’t Have To Look Like Us, a Guest Post

  1. This is also in my opinion how the New World will unfold. From these unique pictures it would seem the wildlife have already started to teach us – and also each other. It may have something to do with the gradual raising of the energy on the planet. Despite all the negative happenings we are witnessing, there is a longing I feel amongst an increasing number of people, to join hands with others around the world and saying to these ‘little boys,’ as I call them, who haven’t gotten out of their ‘school yard’ bullying practices – “Enough IS enough”! Syria’s Alasad [spelling?] is currently a sad example. Michael.

  2. Hello Pam:

    Thanks for the nice pictures of critters from different species meeting each other. Us humans have yet to learn to come together within our own species.

    One day it will be so.

    Kindest regards,

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