But, I’m Only Human!

Have you ever wondered what the Garden of Eden was like—what Paradise is for humans? It must’ve been breathtaking in its beauty. Were trees and plants heavy laden with food that was always ripe? The water had to be running clear and strong and probably had healing properties. Did scorpions and mosquitoes and rats live there? Did God’s children live for hundreds of years in this place where there was no fear or danger? Can you imagine the sky—the sunrises and sunsets? We descendants may have polluted our atmosphere beyond recognition compared to the original, yet our sky still looks like a master painted it every day.

I believe there is something in the Edgar Cayce readings about ‘the fall,’ the temptation being to mate physically like animals for the purposes of pleasure. (There may also be readings about humans actually mating with animals, thus the mythological centaurs and the like. Cayce says our Creator reconfigured our DNA so that we couldn’t do that anymore. Can’t you just hear certain angels saying to God on the subject of free will, “We told you so!”) And isn’t there something in the Bible about woman’s punishment being the pain of physical childbirth? Physical pleasure equals physical pain as in, we can’t have one without the other. I’ve seen movies depicting two people coming together in Light and being filled with joy. Were we intended to create our children in this way of the Light?

Did the dark aspects of human nature spring from a desire for pleasure as in, once the door was opened all this other stuff shot through? Jealousy: “He’s mine!” and then, with chest pounding and a Tarzan call, “I mated with her. She’s my woman!” Could this be why Cain killed Abel? Jealousy grew to envying others’ status, abilities and possessions, while the owner of the excess was filled with pride as in, “Damn, I’m good!” Almost all of us forget that our talents and abilities are Creator-given. Have you ever thought, “My beauty, my high I.Q., my musical or artistic gifts are due to my breeding and they’re mine to use as I choose!” I know a woman, hard-working, creative and talented, who simply remembers to say, “Thanks, Lord,” at every accomplishment.

Did we only need a few grapes to live in Paradise? I have a ‘sweet tooth,’ which is a polite way of referring to gluttony. (Why is it so hard to stop at just one donut?) Greed is desire for material wealth–stuff. (It is, however, apparently all right for women to own as many pairs of shoes as we want.:) ) Sloth is extreme laziness; we don’t see that one much. It seems like we desire doing way more than not-doing. Lust is defined as craving sex, power and money. Our temptations all loop together on a great big wheel, don’t they? Partaking causes us to act selfishly and in this way we separate ourselves from the Love that created the universe.

Some say it was our desire for knowledge that caused us to sink below the Creator’s level of vibration. Maybe we wanted to experience everything, even to make new stuff up, but on our own, our everything isn’t so beautiful. I believe we are co-creators and, wow, what a gift! We just have to climb the ladder so we can see up there what the real hook-up is.


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