When Goodness Overtakes the Darkness

I was flipping TV channels earlier and stopped for a period at one of the Alien movies. Finally, the creatures were so truly hideous, I had to put on a music channel. And their unfettered focus on power, control and destruction was frightening— but the movie did get me thinking. Are we humans so different from those horrible monsters?

We truly are mixed bags of thoughts, emotions, judgments and beliefs. We spend our lives searching for others most like us and deciding what we will and will not tolerate. For many of us, what we won’t tolerate defines us. We make a stance behind our lines in the soil–and life teaches us, all of us. This is simply how we are.

We are surrounded by human ‘walls’ at home, work, in our synagogues/mosques/churches, cities and states, our country and in the world. Claiming territory and ‘father knows best’ has always caused us to go to war—WAR: annihilation of enough of the living that the point is made: I’m the king/prince/ president/pope/senator/dictator; I say what goes. Until the next king/dictator can kill enough of the living to make his point. Back and forth, forth and back.

And what about evil? Should we stand by when men who controlled by their dark-selves try to take over a neighborhood, a city, a country, the world? I believe the Catholic Church calls wars to stop evil ‘just’ or moral wars as in, ‘Evil takes over when good people do nothing.’ So, sometimes we have to go to war. Sometimes ‘war’ is a whole bunch of us practicing civil disobedience because changing banks or ‘not spending’ isn’t enough. Why? Because anywhere men grow their power until its hurts everyone else, they won’t just step down. They step it UP.

The election process in America is flawed, because our laws allow corruption to flourish; thus the ‘Occupy’ movement was born. Who are the Occupiers? People who want to take down the fences, open the windows and let in some fresh air and light. People who want goodness for every child in the world and the world, too. People of new beginnings, fresh perspectives, and healing.

We Americans won’t elect People of the Light in November, because there are no People of the Light running for office. They’re in the streets. Maybe we can open up and join them, meet together and start something—changing laws for the good—at the local level. Let’s make Talking Sticks and pass them around our circles and only the holder of the Stick talks–one at a time, no shouting. The rest of us listen. From these kinds of circles, Spirit moves and heals and lights the way.


2 thoughts on “When Goodness Overtakes the Darkness

  1. Hello Pam:

    Very well said. There is much wisdom here. Thanks for a thoughtful and insightful post.

    Kindest regards,
    ps: Yes, we are the ones of Light that will make a difference in time.

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