It’s Not About the Money, a Guest Post from Michael Brine, by Linda Schurman

From Michael Brine, Valued Contributor at NAtP

“Someday after we have mastered
The winds, the waves, the tides, and gravity,
We shall harness the energies of Love.
Then, for the second time in the
History of the world, humankind
Will have discovered fire.”

~Teilhard de Chardin [1881-1955]

A dear astrologer friend of mine, who lives in a rural community in Upper New York State with her husband, recently wrote to me. Thank you Linda for these words that come from the heart and carry so much wisdom.

“The real issue, as I see it, is not about money. It is about the direction humanity needs to take so that we can operate sustainably on planet earth, in harmony with nature and co-operatively with each other. In order to do this, we must give up the notion of “endless” expansion and consumption and instead manage ourselves like adults who have the capacity to live responsibly, voluntarily limiting our populations, raising our food with care, and sharing prosperity in a more egalitarian way. All people are simply not equal in their abilities and talents, but must be honoured with a life of dignity and given a place in the scheme of things. The gigantic disparity between rich and poor in the world only leads to genocides, wars, plagues and eventually, the failure of civilization itself.

Let us all work together with whatever talents we have to co-create something much greater than anything dreamed of before. This is my hope and inspiration.”

 Linda Schurman

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