Coping, or Not?

If my children looked to me for advice on coping with the tension ‘in the air’, even though we can’t see its source, the first thing I would say is: Recognize that tension is an artificial environment for us, like a fish caught and thrown into a boat where it can’t breath. We are meant to grow and love and shine in the Light, and that’s why tension feels so uncomfortable to us.

It may seem nearly impossible not to buy into it, but, if we choose to, we can slow down, breathe deeply and ask ourselves, “Am I okay right now?” Tension isn’t the real world; it’s a projected, unnatural state of being designed to keep us off balance, fearful and worried. To me, it feels like we’re in one of those epic stories where both light and dark energies are gathering, and that some kind of a collision or transformation is about to take place. What we each think and do does matter because we’re adding our energy to one or the other. We can be the heroic peacemakers of our own stories, and maybe even pull down a yucky old curtain blocking the truth from others.

Then, I’d add: We are sons and daughters of God. We have the power within us to change our consciousness—to change how we think, how we perceive the world, and how we act, or react to what is going on around us. Just as we can make a decision to turn right or left when driving, we can use our free will to create or destroy. It’s not easy to choose the high road when under pressure; it’s much easier to let things build up, to want to vent and get into a scuffle, thinking, “Let’s go, asswipe.” But we can choose peace, if not for ourselves, let us choose it for our children and their children, for the potential of a whole new way of being on this beautiful planet.

These are desperate times, aren’t they? What I’ve begun doing is envisioning that all I see every day is a movie (although I do get my own starring role every so often when I slip up). Watching the news, in traffic, shopping, dealing with others, I’m practicing standing back and thinking, ‘Oh, that’s right. This is a movie. This isn’t the real world. Love reigns in the real world and it is peaceful there.’ It’s amazing how empowered I feel by thinking this way. I just need to REMEMBER. 🙂

From 9/09