Bringing Us All Home

It’s kind of confusing—the idea of God. There’s the Old Testament God who teaches us to fear Him, who tests us and makes sure we get our comeuppance if we mess up. He loves us humans, but the earth has probably been cleared of us more than once. In a way, I don’t blame Him. We really have acted like animals throughout history—or, we came to believe we had enough knowledge and power to challenge God. That’s my personal jokes-on-us favorite.

One of the tests of free will is pride and we can really get that train going, especially if we are gifted in some way. We are cells on God’s body and realizing our divinity and related powers may be our final temptation before choosing to go back into the Light. In reading the stories about what could happen next year, the dark forces are those beings who grow their knowledge and power and choose not to return to the light.

In some religions from the East, God is not a person, so to speak, but an impersonal, non-judgmental force of Love. This world is an illusion, a stage or school where we learn Right Living. Wrong Living makes us miserable and Right Living fills us with joy. Using meditation and specific teachings, we practice ‘tuning our receivers’ to the Love-channel over our lifetimes.

When I think of the teachings of the New Testament, especially the unconditional love Jesus Christ showed to everyone, tax collectors, prostitutes, the wealthy, possessed and diseased people, even non-Jewish people, I feel understood and loved. I don’t think we’ve been given the whole story in our sacred writings, because my heart says that we are each loved beyond measure. Limitless love for you and me, no height, no depth, no length, no breadth.

I think our souls are beacons to God—signaling like the black boxes in airplanes—and not only does He/She know our souls and personalities, our potential and our weaknesses, but the number of hairs on our heads (or formerly on our heads as the case may be). 🙂 In a story from the New Testament, the master goes after one lost sheep when it is recommended that he not bother—he has plenty others. But—somehow—the lost sheep becomes the most important sheep of all and the master does not return home until he finds it.

I know we’ve been taught we are sinners and yes, we do excel at Wrong Living, but I think bringing us all home is the important part for God, not our human weaknesses. Love lives in us and no matter what or how much we acquire while on Earth, there is simply no place like Home.