Connected, Here and Now

There is a verse in the Bible somewhere that says, “The sins of the father are visited on his children,” which I understood as, “The children pay for their father’s sins.” The first time I heard this, I thought, ‘That is not fair! The father should pay for his own sins.’

I thought about possible explanations for this idea, such as it is the DNA that is passed from parent to child, as in tendencies and potential. Then I thought of children who are raised in violent homes who go on to raise their children in violent homes. In wars, soldiers fight for their side and, in retaliation, their towns are bombed and their children die. Ditto for the soldiers fighting on the other side. Then there are, at least in the movies, personal crimes committed against children as payback for something a parent did.

But we are all so interconnected, it is not just my father’s sins or your father’s sins affecting me and you; it is all of us in one big pot, together. We are each responsible for our thoughts and actions because what you do affects me and everyone else, and what I do affects you and everyone else. When we think negative thoughts and opinions, their energy gathers with other negative thoughts; the more there are, the more powerful and inviting the mass of dark energy becomes. It doesn’t take much, some anger or outrage and a few drinks or drug use, and we tap the dark energy field. BAM! Our negative thoughts become negative actions, feeding the darkness even more.

When we send loving, healing thoughts out to the world, they, likewise, gather with other loving thoughts; and like the sun rising over the horizon, their very nature dispels the darkness. The old saying, ‘It takes only one candle to light a dark room,’ has never been more true–but there is a pretty big mass of fear-darkness hovering over our planet today. We need to light more candles. Forgive someone for something today. Check on your elderly neighbor. Call your mother or father. Drop off some groceries at the food bank or volunteer at the homeless shelter. Think ‘kindness.’ For people like me who can’t or don’t get out much, we can pray. Pray with all you’ve got for our angels to come to our aid–and they will. We just need to ask.


4 thoughts on “Connected, Here and Now

  1. Pam…this is a beautiful post! I have been struggling with these questions for years: when do we take action? When do we wait for guidance? And when do we wait for divine intervention? I think you have answered them with the wisdom and grace. Thank you, kp

    P.s. I like the new look!

    • Hi Kim,
      Thanks for stopping by. I hope all is well way up north.
      And, yes, the older I get, the more I feel our questions are the same–at least the deep ones. I guess we’ll eventually have to come to some kind of consensus!
      Take care,

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