On Blogging, from An Expert, a Guest Post by Sven Eberlein

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I recently postedWhat I’ve Learned About Blogging,’ and received a great comment from a blogging friend and tech expert, Sven Eberlein, at A World of Words. He gives a lot of helpful information for bloggers and I thought many of us would be interested:

“WordPress is such a great tool. Thanks for all the great advice on both the tech and content end, Pam. And for those who want to have even more freedom in designing their own blogs and websites I recommend wordpress.org. I was a bit confused at first about the difference, but basically wordpress.com is great if you just need a free site with all the basic functionalities, whereas wordpress.org is run through a host of your choice (for which you have to pay a monthly fee) but it allows you to add all kinds of plugins like slide shows or video pages. For example, my personal blog A World of Words I run on wordpress.com because it’s really all about the content and doesn’t need any bells and whistles, whereas my Tuber Creations site is run on wordpress.org, which allows a lot more tweaking and personalizing.

Once you have it set up, wordpress.org works exactly the way wordpress.com works, with dashboard, pages, posts etc. You can pretty much do it through any host site, but if you don’t have a current one there are a few that WordPress recommends that even have a one-click auto install, so you don’t need any technical knowhow. Check it out here:  http://wordpress.org/hosting/

And even if you’re going with a host site that doesn’t have an auto install, it’s a fairly straight-forward process described here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress

Once you get through the setup for the first time and start to explore some of the themes and their offers it’s like a whole new world opens up to you. You’ve basically become a web designer. In fact, a lot of websites you see out there these days are run on the wordpress.org platform, even major ones. One of the big advantages is that they’re really in tune with all the search engines–you don’t have to worry about any fancy codes; just put in the right content and your site will be recognized.

This is enough to get anyone started, and there’s tons more info out there on the internet on how to do it. For those who get stuck and might need a little help with it, my services are available at: http://sveneberlein.com/services/content-design/.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your expertise. I am considering going the .org way. Your post makes it easier to understand. Thanks again. janice

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