Why We Suffer

When I was a child, there was an old saying, “Money is the root of all evil.” Later, in my own mind, I changed it to, “Greed is the root of all evil.” We’re all living now with the results of greed-gone-wild, so this seems even more true. But I don’t think greed is the root of all evil. I think our (seeming) experience of separation from God, or Truth, or Love, by whatever name we call the Force that made us, is the root of all suffering. The separate-state we live within causes us to believe the way the world is, is the only way the world can be.

This is our situation: We arrive on earth ready to fully embrace our opportunity to live and learn and grow in such a way that we won’t believe the cover-up or, as my brother would say, the conspiracy, to suck us into the separate-world. From the other side, we know we won’t get caught up in it—yet we do. As we grow up, whether we’re supported by our family members or not, we soon realize that we can do whatever we want to do, be whomever we want to be. This is power. The fact that religion/churchgoing (a possible link to the Light) seems old-fashioned to many–and that the dark side of life is so glamorous–the temptation to wield our power is irresistible, and we succumb. This is called being human.

Thus, we experiment with the uses of power. If we stray too far, man’s laws or God’s laws catch up with us. And even if we claw our way to the top of the heap, at last reaching our goal, the satisfaction is empty because we were in it for ourselves—we were only pawns of the puppet-master of the separate-world. What are we to do? Open our minds to possibility. Is how we’ve been living a pretend-experience? Is there something we’re not seeing? Is there a real world? And if there is, what is it and how do we get there?

The answers lie within—the place we don’t want to look when we’re busy in the world. Still, that’s where the answers are and there is nothing, not even the true love of soul mates, beloved family members or great friends, that can fill the empty places within. We’re on our own in this, and how else could it be, anyway? “Hi, I’d like to order two fulfillers and one dose of love, please?” The search for the real world, the non-separate world, must be made by each of us. That’s the only way we’d believe it, anyway. :)


4 thoughts on “Why We Suffer

  1. Very inspiring! I agree with you, Separating ourselves from our true purpose in life (God/heaven/Truth/etc) is what makes us suffer. However, doing what we are supposed to do will also bring suffering, because this world typically resist the Truth/God/Heaven/etc. I believe that we are here to serve others unconditionally. This is not easy to do, but is the reason we are here. I call it Living the Kingdom of Heaven. But it starts with humbling ourselves.

    • Thanks, Noel. I agree that we are here to serve our Higher Power and others; this type of heart-life makes life interesting and fulfilling. I guess I think of the suffering with God and suffering without God as two different things. With God/Love/Great Spirit, we bear the suffering, however hard it may be–even if we lose faith for a while. The I’m-separate suffering is so unbearable, we’re forced to ask deep questions and search for the answers. Thank you for all you do for those who happen upon your blog.

  2. I like how you called the place where we came from the non-separate world. And I was intrigued with your description of “the situation” and the “coverup”. I loved this post, I thought it was insightful. And made me think of things in a different way.

    • Truly, reading other’s blogs is a joy, isn’t it? It’s so much fun to experience through the eyes of others. Thank you for being my blogging-friend. You are appreciated.

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