The Most Powerful Magnetic Force of All

It is a momentous time for us humans—we can all feel energy building, time speeding by—something is in the air. My friend/soul-sister Sharie, at Sending Joy teaches about navigating life at her blog, about how living in fear removes us from the present moment and shoots us into the past or the future, from where we can’t function effectively in the here and now. She teaches about Love and how it heals everything it touches. Here is Sharie:

“THE PRICE OF PEACE By Sharie, Sending Joy

What’s the price of peace?

No price at all.
It’s free
In every sense.

Peace is a choice that when made
flows gently through our being.

It is fathered by Forgiveness
and mothered by Compassion.

It’s siblings,
Kindness, Giving, Tolerance and Joy
Will one day govern all hearts and
Heal the world.”

We live in a divided world in changing times, times when all that we believe may crumble and we are asked to stretch to encompass what is born in its place. Love is the most powerful magnetic force in the universe because the soft arms on the other side of the Love-door beckon us—we need only walk through the door. A shadow hovers around the door, though; it is only a hologram but the pictures seem SO REAL. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, corporate greed, loss of work or income, riots, homelessness, abuse, lack of education and equal opportunity, drought, starvation, disease, war, even bed bugs, for Pete’s sake!

But unlike these monsters who reach from under our beds or through darkened doorways to snatch us away–our minds and hearts–nothing comes to grab us from the other side of the Love door. Faith is required to make this journey to the new way of living because what we see in the shadows is convincingly fearsome. We must be adaptable and courageous to pass by the shadowed parts of the journey and through the Love door. It falls to us to choose those loving arms, where we’re healed, where our world is healed, where life is delightfully inspired, healthy and light-filled. I’m ready for the ‘goodness change.’ Can you see yourself in that world?


2 thoughts on “The Most Powerful Magnetic Force of All

  1. I like your thoughts on the love door and how nothing grabs us to pull us in that we must have faith. Passing through the shadow parts is scary and I can see how it blocks my faith. I will rise to your challenge and enter the love door into the “goodness change.” Thanks for this thought provoking post. I need to read inspiring posts to help with my journey. Janice

    • Hi Janice, If you’re going to rise to the challenge, than I’m going to have to, too! Thanks for inspiring me to follow the direction of the Muse who writes through me.

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