The Final Freedoms and a Comment by Michael Brine, A Guest Post

To Notes Along the Path’s readers: I recently received an extensive email from Robert Landbeck, email:, regarding a book entitled The Final Freedoms; he left this link:

I was struck by the introductory message, but found it intellectually demanding, so I asked my online buddy, Michael Brine, to read it and tell me what he thought. His thoughts are below the quoted material. I also found the information that follows from Klatu, which gave a summary of the book and helped me to better understand the intention of the writer.

Quoted from the second website, written by Klatu, (dedicated to the future of our planet and mankind):

“Almost four years ago, a manuscript started circulating on the web titled, The Final Freedoms. The ideas contained within it are profound and new not just in the public domain but to history itself, and however implausible this may sound to the modern mind, this small work may hold the potential for changing the very course of human history. The reason for such an audacious statement becomes self-evident to those who take the time to fully explore its insights.

Using a synthesis of scriptural material from the Old and New Testaments, the Apocrypha, The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Nag Hammadi Library and some of the world’s great poetry, it describes and teaches a single moral LAW, a single moral principle offering the promise of its own proof; one in which the reality of God responds to an act of perfect faith with a direct, individual intervention into the natural world; correcting human nature by a change in natural law, altering biology, consciousness and human ethical perception beyond all natural evolutionary boundaries. Intended to be understood metaphorically, where ‘death’ is ignorance and ‘Life’ is knowledge, this experience, personal encounter and liberation by transcendent power and moral purpose is the ‘Resurrection,’ the justification of faith and foundation of righteousness.

Trials of this new teaching are under way in several countries. For those individual who can set their sights and measure progress above the existing political status quo, who are able to think for themselves and imagine outside the historical cultural box, who are willing to learn something new and stand against the stream of fashionable thought and spin, an intellectual and moral revolution has already started with the most potent Non Violent Direct Action any human being can take for peace, justice, change and progress. Here is a link to the book itself, which is free to download at:”

By Michael Brine, A Response to a Robert Landbeck Email

I was very impressed with this. One thing they should do is to make clear at the
beginning that in talking about ‘religion’ they are talking about the three Abraham based religions–Islam, Judaism and Christianity–which are Western-based. In fairness, the more Eastern religions are not so much religions in the accepted sense of the word but more spiritually-based, should I say, philosophies? They are also much more tolerant of each other and share by gathering together and sharing feelings/thoughts.

I experienced this when I lived in Malaysia in the late 1950s. A friend and I would go down to the Buddhist temple about once a week and sit on the porch of the head monk–The Venerable Dhamananda–originally from Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, and explore our insights in a most tolerant and respectful way. At that time, I was a member of the Theosophical Society founded by a woman named Madam Blavatsky (around 1875).

I applaud the recognition (by the author of The Final Freedoms) that Emperor Constantine’s influence in all of this was politically based. I feel this is a most important element and dove tails with what Anastasia ( has told us and the fact that the fire that destroyed the Library at Alexandria was no accident, but effectively destroyed all our true past history which had been preserved there on parchments, scrolls and other recording elements used in earlier times.

There was also a reference to ‘Understanding the Natural World,’ which I liked, but the
email contained no mention that we are a part of this ‘natural world’ and not separate from it. Perhaps the book itself explains more. In this, of course, I am also focusing on the cyclic element that all nature passes through and the population explosio occurring at this time. Both elements are not considered, most likely because the consequences of what the Mayans call the “End Times” are hard to handle.

The email on ‘Final Freedoms’ also talked about a ‘direct intervention in the natural
world to create a new moral reality’ — not quite sure what they mean by this. To interfere or try to interfere with Nature will cause our collective downfall and to use the word “morality” smacks of a religious influence, which, of course it may be. Perhaps they mean a divine intervention.

They make a statement that, “The world is literally dying for want of new direction
and this teaching may hold both the potential and means for change,” etc. Again as I have said so often, ‘You cannot build a new building on a rotten foundation, so there must first be a Cleansing before the rebuilding.’ It is this, in my opinion, we are seeing and will witness more dramatically in the immediate days ahead. Increasing weather anomalies, earthquakes, and other upheavals would appear to be increasing at a substantial rate–wouldn’t you agree?

On health issues, I applaud their recognition that by building up our immune system we can stay healthy way beyond what we are witnessing within our societies at the
present time. Sadly, the email mentions building up the immune system, without
focusing on the true CAUSE of our ill health. This ‘cure’ mentality is good for the pharmaceuticals and the Allopathic doctors, but not for us as a whole. “There’s none so blind as those who don’t want to see.”

Regarding ‘war,’ et al, I have always felt that if we can get rid of the lines on a map
that we call countries, that so effectively divide us from each other, and learn to work together as in communities, this would create respect and healing between our different races. As with dogs we are all one humanity, just different breeds! 🙂

When we use this reference to our “Oneness” do we really understand this? All life, I repeat, ALL life, is One in this sense. The energy that resides within us is the same energy that resides in ALL things whether in humans, dogs, trees, fish, water, wind or even a stone. If the energy stops passing through it that form, whatever it is, it no longer exists.

One final comment that is very important is that we must stop these sickening divisional attitudes of the superiority of men over women! We see this especially within
the more extreme Islamic faiths but it is also true within our own culture also–maybe a bit more subtle–but it is there.

In closing, may I recommend a web site that is very profound and visionary: Start with the film; then go to the interviews with Doctor Neruda found on the left hand side of the screen. Then check out the teachings of the Wingmakers, especially the “Lyricus” teachings. Yes, there is a lot to see on this site but I feel the time taken to ingest its essence will more than compensate for the
time taken. Good luck!