How Do We Let Go of Love?

With all the commotion over 2012 and what could happen, I’ve written here many times about what’s important in life, the life lessons, the quality of life, the length of a life. What has value when we’re considering the end of one 26,000-year cycle and the beginning of another? Is it time? Time spent together with loved ones, yes. Time spent living, connecting, creating–yes. But what if a life is cut short at age five or 15 or even 44? What is the meaning of these early departures?

I was thinking about these questions last night as I was falling asleep, wondering what will be hardest for me when I go. Definitely letting go of my children, family and friends. There is love deep, and multiplied by some factor, with every new person who joins our circle. How do we let go of love?

An answer came with a picture. In the center of all is Light and we are filaments of the Light’s radiant garment. Love is there, love made us, and we are woven into this precious fabric. As the garment grows, love spreads through every new strand; maybe where the strands cross is where groups, families are built. I saw that when it is time to let go of our physical bodies and the loves of our lives, we’re not really separating—we’re still connected by the weaving of the love strands. We’re together for a time in our bodies and then as spirit-bodies–which is the source relationship, anyway. I hope I remember this picture when my time comes to go. I will smile because I’m returning up my strand to the Source of Love—and the souls so dear to me are not lost, even for a second. Love is the connector.


4 thoughts on “How Do We Let Go of Love?

  1. It’s why John Lennon is one of my all-time favorite people:

    “All you need is Love.”

    “Love is the answer, and you know that for sure.”

    “Love is real, real is Love.”

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