Signs of Our Times

I posted the video, The Quickening, yesterday (below this entry) after having watched only the first third of it and did not write an introduction. I should have and this is it.

The film is about the coming shift in consciousness; its producers (Awakening As One) align themselves with Carl Calleman’s view that the Mayan calendar end-date is October 28, 2011—not Dec. 21, 2012. The video can be summed up as a one-and-one-quarter-hour wakeup call that explores the history of the world through the steps of the Mayan pyramid/time capsule, which can be viewed as a record of humankind’s preordained invitation to spiritual evolution.

The main point of the video is that death and destruction, the end of the material world as we know it, long predicted by native cultures, is looming because a large percentage of us humans are stuck in materiality and will not move out of the false world of materiality into the oneness of spiritual unity until faced with our own death—perhaps not until we witness us destroying ourselves and the world in a nuclear WWIII. Therefore, the coming destruction of the material reality is the will of Spirit/God/Creator, a final invitation to join with Light and Love, to live a life not just about ourselves, but of service to Spirit and to others.

The Quickening depicts two ways of experiencing the next months: living with fear, in negativity and hate; or rising from the flames with a strong faith born of a spirit-based perspective, with hearts full of love and gratitude that Truth will, at last, be known. Those who choose unity, the producers report, will experience the destruction of this false reality with grace and ease. Others will live more like rabid animals, searching for food, for example, killing and stealing from whoever is in their way. The filmmakers recommend leaving large cities for the forests and mountains but remind us, also, that we are each exactly where we are supposed to be and if we cannot leave a city, we can connect with Mother Earth by thinking of water, a tree, or the earth under our feet.

To me, the most important point of the film is one that still echoes from the messages of Jesus Christ: Judge not lest ye be judged. The film suggests that the United Nations could call for (after severe destruction by natural disasters and terrorists, nuclear war and the appearance of fake or real alien beings) a one-world government, with a false leader who, for the price of obedience and subservience, will provide for our material needs. Some will accept these terms and others will rise against the one-world system, but it will be those who remain centered in spirituality, in oneness with the Divine Plan/Christ Consciousness, who light the way to healing by forgiveness of everything, offering love and acceptance to all who will accept it. During this period, we may each be asked to face the results of our own imbalances and errors—to see the seeds of darkness within ourselves, not just in others. This experience of humility will lead to oneness if we are willing to let go of our current warring mentality.

Also important are dates in August and September. During the period August 18-September 5, 2011, the filmmakers say a terrorist attack that could collapse the economy could happen, causing another depression and perhaps lead to WWIII.  The Hopi Indians have a prophecy that four celestial bodies will become visible in the ‘end times.’ Two Brothers (who had a hand in Creation), one the guardian of the north pole and the other the guardian of the south pole, will appear in the sky to return the earth to her natural rotation, counter-clockwise. The Blue Star Kachina will arrive and last, the Red Star Kachina, the Purifier. The makers of The Quickening state that the comet Elenin is the Blue Star Kachina and that when we can see the Blue Star, we will know that change is upon us. They also refer to the comets Honda and Levi.

Significantly, when Elenin was in some kind of alignment with earth on Feb. 23, 2010, there was a major earthquake in Chile; on Sept. 4, 2010, there was a large earthquake in New Zealand; and on Mar. 11, 2011, the catastrophic earthquake and resulting tsunami occurred in Japan. Elenin will be aligned with earth again on Sept. 26th and Oct. 16-17thth of this year. During this period we could see an orchestrated alien invasion, three days of darkness (which will come to an end–remain faithful) and more huge earthquakes. The filmmakers also report that on Nov. 3, 2011, earth will pass through the tail of Elenin. (Here is a link to NASA about Elenin, which states that the comet will have no effect on earthlings and there is no other celestial body, i.e. the Red Star Kachina, following it that threatens earth. Here is a link re: Elenin from

I’m posting this introduction to the video because the greed and self-possession of the powerful, which threatens to destroy our world and way of life (that is yet lacking for so many) could lead to our total annihilation. These men are out of control; we Americans, and others, have bought into their plans and Mother Nature and the Great Spirit are, at the very least, shaking us out of our stupor. Some people believe a peaceful, spiritual shift in consciousness is coming. I don’t know, of course, what will happen, but it is our obligation at this moment in time to discuss and consider the possibilities.

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  1. You certainly have given much of yourself Pam in reviewing this “Awakening” with us. Please forgive me, but I have one essential element that I have difficulty with that is not addressed in this video callled the “Quickening” which I otherwise support 100% as you well know.

    That element is something I have said so often, and that is that the cyclic element of the Universe, which includes Gaia, is ommited, as well as the population crises. Again, I repeat, that these two elements are happening at the same time is NO coincidence! As we pass between ages and transit into the coming age there is a major cleansing that will take place. You cannot build a new ‘building’ on a rotten foundation — So the old must be cleansed and this is what we are witnessing, and will witness on an ever increasing scale within the next 2-1/2 months leading up to Oct.28th. Let me also be honest — many will die as population reduction is part of the cycle.

    It is not a case of fighting “Evil” as is suggested so often by different groups — but in waking humanity up to how we have been blinded in this Patriarchal age we have just passed through in which men have ruled, and without honouring women as equals, have created a mess! Both sexes must be seen as equals and it will be that message moving forward into this new age, as well as learning to live as community and not competing against each other, which has so negatively affected us over this past age — these last almost 6000 years. This cleansing will also include eliminating the monetary system which has proven to be so corrupting.

    There is much more I could add, but in this “Comment” I think I’ve said enough – – – for now! 🙂 Michael.

  2. I’ve felt for a long time that I’m standing on the cusp of great change. It was about six years ago that I moved my family to a rural mountainous area because I felt compelled to do it after years of being unwilling to act on the feeling before that. The earth and Nature have been talking to me since and I don’t think anyone can ever truly be ‘ready’ for the changes we are about to experience, but I’m at least ready in the sense of willingness to engage.

    Thankds for your introduction and comments on the film. I’d like to see it.

    • How wonderful your willingness to pull up and begin again, Madison, in a natural, quiet place! I envy you that. 🙂 And about the changes–I suppose all any of us can do is get as quiet as possible and listen within for guidance, whether we’re about to experience disasters and chaos, or a shift in nature that is open, forgiving, compassionate and healing. For myself and mine, I pray it is the second, knowing that we will accept whatever comes. Here’s the link to the film:

  3. Notes, I have to admit that I find these prophecies terrifying….but I thank you for sharing the information and for encouraging an open discussion of them. Kp

    • Hi KP,

      The Quickening is frightening! I can’t imagine living through what they predict without going insane. It is my sincere prayer that no one on earth has to go through something like that.

      When I started my blog, one of my goals was to try and learn what is really happening in this intense time period we find ourselves living in. My search took me first to the sentiment that all must be forgiven of everyone, by everyone, so that the darkness itself can be healed. Only in this way could we turn the tide and save our world and ourselves.

      I’ve since read a lot of ideas and insights from many people and have concluded there are as many ideas/predictions as there are people, though I believe many people are sincere in their efforts to gain insight into what is going to happen. Beyond a sense that love and forgiveness are the keys to the future, I believe it’s impossible to predict with certainty what will happen. I did really like that one piece I found that said something like, ‘We will each go to wherever we believe we’re going.’ If we focus on Love, maybe that focus will carry us into the higher dimensions. Thanks for verbalizing how terrifying some of these predictions are, KP.

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