Do We Choose Our Lives Or Not?

Yesterday, Kim P, who writes the reflective and soulful blog, Afternoon Storm, left a comment at my latest post, Hopes of the Heart (see below). She called it a powerful post and said that we humans do need to be knocked out of our complacency. In return, I said that the post probably reflected my own sense of despair over the situation in Somalia—that life-sustaining water (only a dream due to a severe drought) and food (only a dream because of militia groups) cannot reach the starving mothers and children we see on the news. My children—who have always had water and food and shelter—are at the heart of my world and I cannot fathom what these mothers must be feeling. I had asked myself, “How can these mothers know that God is Love, that God is with them, under these circumstances?”

Then, attempting to meditate this morning, I felt this: “How can I write that all humans, through their souls, in the space between lives, choose what is best for them for their spiritual growth, and then not accept this when confronted with physical horrors in others’ lives?” A friend once had a feeling that I could have lived and died through the years of the Irish Potato Famine (mid-1800s) and that I had kept telling others, “God is coming. Do not despair. God is love.” As I measured it back then, God did not come and the impression is apparently seared into my genetic memory.

At some deep level, I do know that we choose our lives for spiritual purposes and that it is through the most troubling of situations that we grow the most. Whether we live long lives or not, it is our need to know God, to know that Divine Love is real, that pulls us back toward the Heart of the universe. Yet, Divine Love is reflected also in compassion. Perhaps through these very difficult lives, these souls can, at last, climb off the reincarnation-wheel; let us pray that those who die before water and food reach them return to the Great Heart of Love at the center of the universe.

4 thoughts on “Do We Choose Our Lives Or Not?

  1. Yes, we do….. How would we know the value and healing power of Love if not for it’s opposites, pain and fear to teach us.
    Kindest regards,

    • I do agree, Mike. Thank you for your wisdom. I know that pain, sorrow and fear cause us to turn to the Heavens for help, or even answers, but I don’t know how we explain that to starving children or the women who have been raped and beaten repeatedly by men from militias. Do they even know there is a Loving Being to turn to? I know the Grand Design is none of my business–I was reminded of this yesterday–but I’m not sure I’ll ever understand suffering at this level.

  2. Yes, the Loving Being in the Center of the Universe will save us with its secret grand design.

    We don’t even have to forgive ourselves for accepting and allowing this reality to exist- we’re ascending out of it, after all!

    All we have to do is think higher thoughts than everyone else and then all the suffering people that is most of the world for most of our lives will disappear below us.

    100% responsibility for the money-system of abuse that we accept and allow as ourselves in and as our minds here on the real earth is not our prerogative- maybe suffering humans’ souls will learn this time.

    Oh wait, they ARE starving right here in the reality we’re ascending out of!



    We are, here, in the physical. Not in the 13th dimension.

    And not the God we hope-to-God will clean up after us.

    = $ 4 All is the only way. It’s time to stand up for life.

    • Hi Tyler,
      Is there any issue more complicated than the troubles of our world, her people and the hope for an enlightened future? Whatever happens, I pray that a new way of living is born, where every person is loved and treated equally, with access to healthy food, water and the freedom to unleash our creative potential. Thanks for stopping by.

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