Universal Laws

Both my mother and my daughter have told me I’m way too sensitive. At 59, I think I finally agree. I’m reading a book to “help understand and develop my sensitivity as the strength it is.” Here is what the author writes about Universal Laws. It’s worth reading.

From Are You Really Too Sensitive? By Marcy Calhoun
Published by Intuitive Development Publishing

“Universal Laws are laws that work for people around the world. Universal laws are laws that have no personal interpretation within them. They are laws that work for all people and not just in one country, state, city or community. They change as our consciousness changes in the world collectively. Universal laws make us think beyond ourselves and our personal lives. Understanding them and living by them can create peace throughout the world. There are many more universal laws than the ones I am stating here, but this is a start. My interpretations are just a basis, a beginning for you to begin thinking about why these laws are so important to us in our lives.

1. There is nothing permanent in the universe but change. The one thing we can count on as sensitives is the fact that everything is changing. When we are having a wonderful time, that is changing. When we are having a hard time, that is changing. The weather is changing. The cycles are changing. The earth is changing. While we are experiencing anything, it is in the process of change right at that moment. Our bodies are changing. Our consciousness is changing. Nothing is permanent except change.

2. That which is above is also below. Whatever is happening in one area of your life is also happening in other areas. If something is happening in your body then it is also happening to your intellect, your emotions and your spirit. There is no isolated effect in your body, mind or spirit. If one area is affected then other areas are also affected.

3. Your own nothing and no one, but everything is yours. You can live by the physical laws of the land. You can buy land and own possessions. But in fact you really own none of them because their value and worth do not transfer to the spiritual plane of eternal existence. Everything is yours because you are a part of everything. The same energy that is in you is also in everything—animate and inanimate, no matter what it is. Because you began from the same energy, you can create anything you want and you can have everything. It can be yours to manifest as you will.

4. What you send out comes back to you: The Law of Cause and Effect. The Law of Cause and Effect means that for every action there is a reaction. Whatever you do has an effect on everyone and everything. There are no isolated incidents; there is only balance in the universe. There is only action and the effects of that action.

5. History repeats itself until an event or thing is completed in our experience. Our personal history repeats itself until we understand what we are doing and change our actions or reactions to another person, ourselves, or life in general.”

2 thoughts on “Universal Laws

  1. Hello Pam:

    You are not too sensitive—you are just the sensitive that you should be at this time in your evolution.

    And, I might add. That you are greater than and above all laws. In essense, at a Soul level, you are the creator of laws and inmune to ego judgements.

    You are OK with me my dear, actually you are more than OK. I’d be hard pressed to find a better Old School Marm and corrector of my sometimes sloppy writing.

    Kindest regards,

    • Ah, thanks Mike. I guess there’s a reason for everything, even sensitivity, eh? I think my mom and daughter were trying to tell me that my way of seeing is skewed when I’m feeling hypersensitive, that the focus becomes all about me and I don’t hear what they’re really saying. I think they’re right to some degree and having them both tell me this has made me stop and reflect, which is a good thing.
      And thank you for letting me be a part of your writing. I do like writing, but I like editing, too. It’s fun.
      And, I think I do have memories of being an Old School Marm–I just hope I was good to the children–not whacking their fingers or rear ends. But I guess being 59 qualifies me to be an Old School Marm again. Okay, I accept the job. 🙂

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