Breathed Into Being

I was falling asleep today, thinking of my own wild experiences with my dark side and those of family and friends. What stands out to me now is that growing spiritually for human beings happens very similarly: Whatever and wherever we push, for or against, is what will eventually bring us to our knees. We tend to feel superior, motivated, brilliant, proud–until we fall. Only then can we see the lies and exaggerations of our dark selves. We are humbled.

When we are born as children of the Light, we are also gifted our egos so that we may live as individuals with free wills, who make personal decisions. When we center on our individuality and lose awareness that we are all One with the universe and each other, we take a walk on the dark side. From the darkness we push and push, only to come up empty-hearted, our darkened egos gleefully manipulating from the sidelines.

It is Love that brings us back to our centers, to ourselves. Love is an irresistible force—no matter how long it takes, we will all eventually rise up from our knees to be unconditionally loved. Perhaps that is what this moment in time is all about. We begin this year or next a new 26,000 year cycle and I’m throwing my vote in with those who believe a mass shift in consciousness is taking place. If we so choose, we will move into a lighter dimension where love and creativity rule. I’ve wondered if this shift will happen only if we’re still living, or maybe only if we’ve crossed over to the spirit-world, but it probably doesn’t matter. All souls who choose the light, choose the light.

Those who don’t choose the light at this time will do so from another time and place. It is our purpose and destiny, because we are all children of Love.


4 thoughts on “Breathed Into Being

  1. Hi Pam, I was locked out of my site for about ten days so I have not dropped by for awhile. During that time, I found myself really missing both the writing, and the on-line conversations with people like you. I got caught up on your site today and found all of the posts to be comforting and inspiring; a lantern in the storm. Keep up the great work; your posts, and those of your visitors, are like a balm for the soul. Kp

    • Hi KP,
      Thank you for your kind words. And wow, I didn’t know we could get locked out of our blogs. I’m so sorry that happened to you. I did notice it had been a while since you posted and that you made a recent post–I will soon be by to read it. I’ve been really busy (for me) with packing and saying goodbye to the people I love. It’s only 13 days now ’til we load up the Uhaul and head on down the road! I won’t be posting while on the road and I have to get Internet service once there, but you’re so right. It is very easy to miss the writing of soul-writers like yourself–and the friendships made along the way. You take care. The Force is with you!

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