A Time for Fear or Peacemaking?

Do you wonder about the ‘end of the world’? Will it happen today or tomorrow, or is it the date implanted in our group consciousness, the generally accepted last day of the Mayan calendar, Friday, December 21, 2012? And what does ‘end’ mean? Does Earth herself die? That doesn’t seem likely. Would all life on Earth die? It would more likely be us, the troublemaking humans.

The thing is, those of us who arrive on Earth will assuredly leave on another day, whether we live for a week or ninety years. We’ve watched a great number of fellow humans cross over due to natural disasters in the last few years–so what are the real questions left for us? Are they, “When I die, what happens? Does my soul go somewhere, like to heaven or hell? Is God vengeful or loving? Do I have as yet unknown karmic debts?”

Is now a time for fear–or a new beginning and a time for compassion, peacemaking and celebration? I don’t know (and can any mortal really know?) but if you have traveled or seen news reports, you are aware of the terrible injustices and imbalances in our world. On the news recently, there was an inspiring story of a young American woman who lives in and serves children and families in a slum in Kenya. If there are any adjustments to be made by the Creator/God/Goddess/ Higher Power or our Earth Mother, it will be the end of these tragic realities, as care and balance are brought into the lives of all who despair, perhaps as the wealthy have their ‘Scrooge dreams,” and realize that caring and sharing generates love and good will and that accumulating generates fear of loss and a never-ending desire for more.

In this world, at this time, everything is severely out of balance. So many suffer due to corruption, greed, dictators, war, drought and poverty, while so few have so much that their ‘champagne and caviar dreams’ keep them isolated from the ‘ugly reality’ of the abused, the uneducated and the hungry. And while we’re at it—what escalates power and greed? What causes American businesses to dump toxic, chemical wastes in unregulated, impoverished countries? We need to make a commitment to acknowledging the terrible circumstances in which so many live. We need to make a shift in consciousness, to grow up and realize it’s not about you and me—it’s about every single human being on the planet, all of who are loved by God as if each of us were His/Her only child.

Is the end of time, or true compassionate change, coming? I have my vote in for a new world of sharing and connection. Let’s not give up. The answers to our worldwide problems are in surrendering to the Higher Power.


6 thoughts on “A Time for Fear or Peacemaking?

  1. very well said, Pam. You know what I think about specific dates for specific events, imho they’re basically left-brain driven explanations for right-brain processes. While I understand prophecies are very alluring to our deep and very legitimate desire for change, I can’t help but think they’re mostly ego-driven. As in “I know something that you don’t and thus I’m special.” The only thing that seems real to me is the here and now, because that’s where we can actually influence the kind of change we wish to see in the world. Everything else is our mind playing tricks on us.

    If any of the prophesies turn out to be exactly as advertised (looks like we’re one down, as nobody so far seems to have “raptured” today), I will gladly tip my hat to those who knew more than I ever did, and go along for the ride. More likely though, I think we are already in the middle of huge transformational shifts, as the big fossil fuel party of the last two centuries is winding down. Our daily acts and our collective commitment to graciously adapt to a different resource reality is going to determine whether there is a future for humans on this planet or not.

  2. Hi Notes: With two kids who are readying to leave home, I worry about how all of the talk about the end of the world affects this generation. My son said one day, “It is pretty hard to focus all your energy on college when you think the world is going to end next year”. I don’t believe that the world is going to end; I feel that a time of fear and materialism that has given rise to incredible imbalances is coming to an end. I hope that the prophecies mean that a time of spiritual awakening is beginning.

    • I am so with you on this, KP. One son just graduated from college and called me last week after seeing the pastor on TV. My middle son is in his senior year in college and a couple of years ago said to me, “If the world is going to end soon, that really sucks for those of us who are here building lives. I want to get married and have a family, mom!” My daughter is graduating from high school in June and we have talked more about this because she is still living with me. I told her what you’ve just said in your comment–that a new spiritual time is coming, that an end to cruelty and greed is happening. I feel this in my heart and that’s what I’m sticking with. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  3. Thank you for your writings Pam and your thoughtful wisdoms. I do believe this is a time of deep change, but I don’t place much belief in prophecies because they’re generally about the physical world and I believe that change is coming through the power of our spirit minds. I believe our power is in our minds and the choices we make at our spirit level. It is there we will choose forgiveness or fear. It is through the eyes of Love that we will see differently and draw peace and joy into our experiences. Whatever happens in the physical world will simply be a manifestation of what we choose with our spirit and our heart. Love, Sharie

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