What is Your Piece of the Puzzle?

We are sisters and brothers far more than we believe. We think of ourselves as Christians or Jews, Muslims or Hindus, as dark-skinned or light-skinned, as wealthy or poor, from one culture or another, but all of the things that make us appear to be different can be likened to an artist trying to paint the truth, but he can see only what’s on the surface. The elements of the scene are set-pieces on a stage, but it’s only a show. That’s not who we really are.

Who we are is shocking if you think about it. You have an assignment here, as do I. As do our family members and friends and co-workers. We all have something important to do because God/Love/Great Mystery lives within each of us. Our life spans may be short and we may seem to be less than a grain of sand in the whole scheme of things, but we are seeds of the Creator of the universe! This means we are responsible for completing our assignments because no one else can do them. I can’t do yours—you have to do it. And you can’t do mine because it’s for me to do.

Can you even imagine being more valued, more trusted, than when given a critical mission to help save the world? I can’t. I think that’s why we’re all here now—to reverse the mess we’ve made, to figure out healthy ways to do everything, to finish off the myth that we are happiest when owning as much stuff as we can buy. We’re not here for the stuff—we’re all here, right now, to make the world a better place. It’s our responsibility as individuals and as groups to exchange the ‘living large’ dynamic for the ‘living in peace’ credo. It is time. It is past time. We are needed and we must step up to put into place our pieces of the puzzle.


2 thoughts on “What is Your Piece of the Puzzle?

    • Hi Victoria! You’re back and I hope to see you soon. Thanks for commenting.:) I’m feeling an inner pressure that we must each do something, something important, and that when we do, miracles will happen. Perhaps it’s more kindness, more forgiveness, more tolerance, more peacemaking, but it’s something and I feel it from inside out now. Talk soon.

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