Make War–Not Peace?

I’ve been told a number of times throughout my life that I am an ‘old soul.’ I’m still not sure exactly what that means—I guess it indicates having lived and wilfully suffered with personal desires and delusions over a period of many lifetimes, earning some wisdom along the way. But this ‘old soul’ business makes me wonder about Creation—is God (Love/Spirit/Divine Mother/Great Mystery) still making souls for newborns, or were we all made at once? I am certain we are each a cell on God’s body, that what lives in our bodies is a God-Spark and when the God-Sparks leave our bodies, our bodies die—but how many lives does it take for us to be old souls, to remember learning from our mistakes and consciously return Home?

Perhaps there is something to the old soul/young soul mystery. If we are born here for the purpose of ‘opening’ the seed of Great Love within, therefore serving the Highest Good, what causes us to struggle so much? Why is there never an end to war—between family members, neighbors, co-workers, countries? Why is our focus so materially-and-self-oriented?

I think it does boil down to remembering. We choose our circumstances and lessons between our physical lives because from that space we know what’s best for us. But we may not do so well once we’re here. We forget that we chose our parents, our life tests, and we struggle and assign blame elsewhere. What is the problem?

We fear letting go to the Higher Power. “Well,” we think, “how do I know God knows what I want?” Or my personal favorite: “What if God doesn’t want for me what I want?” This behavior is silly because if we let go and dive into the Love pool, we will feel, see and experience something we long for more than any other thing: true Love, true Peace, true Joy–Oneness with All That Is. From that space, miracles happen. Our tears are transformed by understanding, our fears become courage, our sorrows become the bliss of, “Aha! It’s Love! LOVE!”

When our understanding of Love is incomplete and there are problems in many areas of our lives, we can help ourselves. We can look to the Light. We can ask for help from the Higher Power or our Guardians. We may think things like, “There is no God, no Love, no peace,” but deep down we know this isn’t true. This is a testing time—we need to acknowledge that things are hard worldwide. So much loss for so many. This is so we will look away from our ‘outside’ lives and into our ‘inside’ lives, where our God Sparks are waiting for us. Who knows? Maybe we chose this upheaval together, to make this transition as a group. Could it be?


4 thoughts on “Make War–Not Peace?

  1. I think it’s the ancient Egyptians who had a saying that we all swim across a river of oblivion when we are born, meaning that it is part of being human to separate from our pure God-consciousness in order to learn. It kinda makes sense to me, because the very idea of incarnating into a physical body means that there will be conflict, pain and hardship, and for a soul to never come out of its divine state while being on this earth could be quite traumatic. I’ve heard of children who remembered very vividly past incarnations, in which they were for example their current parent’s parent, and it’s a quite difficult situation to have that level of awareness.

    I hate to say it but I doubt there will ever be a heaven on earth or the kind of enlightened collective state of humanity without any suffering, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to summon our innate divine capacity for loving kindness as much and as often as we can. In a way, life on earth is a work in progress, but from a cosmic perspective it’s like elementary school, so we shouldn’t be too harsh on ourselves for not mastering divine calculus.

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